Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dad's retrenchment's coming soon ba. He seems pretty optimistic about it or perhaps he's putting on a strong front like he always do. It has never been a habit in our family to express gratitude or watever like any typical singaporean family. Not really in our culture to do so anyway. I must say I have deep respect for my parents. When we were younger, we did have our poorer days but they never let us feel deprived or know how tough life is for them while they continue to try to give us the best.

So I kinda wonder if dad's emotional status for now though he appears okay. Actually I felt very 感动 that day when he came to me and had a heart to heart talk cos I was feeling frustrated and down. Being a very typical capricorn man, dad is seldom someone who will sit down and understand his children directly by conversing. He seldom express his love for us very straightforward but rather in his own subtle ways. I rained partly due to the 感动. Dad says he's always changing to be a better person. Though he used to be uninterested in humanmetrics, but he's now striving and learning more on communication. That's why he's starting to open up to us I guess.


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