Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Dun belittle me leh....
Why do financial, insurance and mlm agents think that I'm a good target?
Just cos of my friendly disposure?? Please lah.. Heard of 敷衍 and 笑里藏刀? I do that. LOL
Not that I enjoy talking to them totally but I do oblige sometimes when I have ample time at hand or while waiting for people.

Met someone from this financial company (Not nice to mention the company here). She made such silly mistakes and gave herself away, though I pretend to not know and agree with her.

First mistake: She was delusive when I asked where she was from. Gave me a short abbreviated company name which obviously tells you that she doesnt want to totally reveal that she's from some financial agencies. One can always check up the internet in the end wat.

Second mistake: She introduced herself as a trainee and wishes to speak to me on the pretext of trying to practise her speech which I was doubtful. If you wanna practise, its totally fine with me but when you go on to talk about how your company works and how it could aid you financially, it becomes a sales speech. Why go to that extend of trying so hard. Just be straight and say that you are a financial consultant. Hahahaha In fact no one will do that hor! Cos you get rejections fast and direct! Ouch! But then hor.. You dun have to keep wasting your time ma. The faster you kenna reject the faster you get to target your next piece of meat ma!

Cold prospecting is a number game la. Like this famous speaker (forget name) says, out of 10 people you prospect, getting 3 to be interested is considered a very good stat liao. So the more you get rejected, the higher chances for the next few ma. LOL I know I'm giving some crap logic here. Anyway, I had my fair share of fun at cold prospecting when me and the gals tried doing street surveys. I remembered approaching this group of 3 men. Before I could even start asking, they simply waved me off. Diaoz.. hahaha Many will be sian la, but I happily shrugged my shoulders and laugh. Think those 3 must have found me strange cos they never see people kena reject so happy de. So in the end, they actually did my survey. They asked why I was so gleeful, so I told them the numerology theory. Actually if you look at it positively, kena rejected by 3 at one time fasten the pace of getting the right one right! hahahah Another crappy theory.

Anyway, fun I have liao. Dun think I would wanna do that again. In a way, I can emphatise with these people la since I had experienced in what they do though I was doing it out of fun. =P


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