Thursday, December 08, 2005

Event: Dumpling day
Venue: Colleague Chao & Gerrit's house

Long wanted to upload these forgotten picts. Think it has already passed a month since. lol.

Diced ingredients (My work k! See how nicely done!!! lol) I think I'm getting better with my knife work. Last time I used to pick up the chopper and start chopping recklessly. Now, I invented my own way to used one hand as the pivot effectively. Applause please!! *smug look

Chao mixing those diced ingredients. So nice of her to invite us to her place in the first place. We definitely made hell of a mess in her kitchen.

The master showing her skills to a group of keen and HUNGRY desciples.

Desciple no1: Matthius.
U see him pretty muscular but u'll be surprised to know that he's a full vegetarian lor!

Desciple no2: Matthius roped in his gf to help and to eat of cos! She's also part vegetarian liao.

Desciple no3: A very good desciple. Watching intendly.. Hohohoh
(Tat's Gerrit at the background)

This person here cant wait to have a go. See that overly exagerated expression.. =P

Now now. Dun think that I'm only a glutton k. See my FIRST ever dumpling! Makes the teacher proud sia.

Cant wait to eat my own creation!

The vegetarian dumplings
The best looking dumpling award goes to........ Me!!! That's the nicest one out of the lot liao. Proud sia!
Done with the dumplings, its now Mr Adrian's turn to show off his choc fondue. Taking a peep at him divulging his secret ingredients from the fridge.

Actually my eyes were really on that hot choc pot over the stove. Slurps!

Final moments of the to-be-gone fondue..... Yum! Look so good..

See everyone's enjoying the delightful yet sinful dessert. That Adrian has got so many different choc melted in that pot.

There's never a free lunch in the world. There's a golden rule to clean up after your mess afterall.


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