Thursday, December 29, 2005

Havent really finish how 倒霉 I am la.
Apart from kenna duah, my bag's straps are coming off soonz and my white handphone is no longer WHITE!!! Got handphone bleaching agents available not?? 心痛啊... Now I have to take over colleague's work too cos he's leaving soon. Whahahahaha 哭笑不得....

是你给阮一个梦 未记人生的苦涩

真正想要对你讲 甘搁有别项

是你放阮一个人 走过风雨的思念

真正想要对你讲 心中无别人

LOL have to belt mayday to feel better. Oh and one more thing. I kept belting this chorus in the bus even while off mp3 player. Muahahahaha.. Hope that guy really got irritated.


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