Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Headed down to SGH's A&E this evening. Never tot I would be going back there so soon again after the last visit to another ah ma. Mom's mother, Grandma was admitted suddenly for breathing difficulties. Was initially pretty worried cos her situation wasn't told properly over the phone. Upon reaching did I find some relieve. She looked okay and was resting in the A&E recovery room.

The doctors couldn't tell us what was wrong exactly except that she could have some lung infection and her heart beat was exceptionally fast. Hence, she had to stay for further observation. Thank goodness she could still joke with us. It was grandpapa who was the overly worried fellow. So worried was he that he refused to have his dinner taken until much persuasion from us. While mom was protesting very loudly, Grandpa gave an impish look and insisted that he wanted to eat western beef steak, making me want to laugh at his silly expression. He look like a insistent child when he does that.

Though these 2 old folks never seem to stop squabbling, their concern for each other is pretty obvious. Cant help but laugh at them whenever they had a go at it. He was nagging so much at grandma that she snapped at him from the hospital bed. That feisty old lady, couldn't tell that she was ill. =) Despite her chidding me for coming over at such a late hour, could tell that she was secretly pleased with our presence.

Hope things will turn out alright tomorrow.


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