Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hell load of pictures coming up. Taken during Cherrie's, Wen's and Gor's Birthdays:

1st Dec: Mr Bean's & Selegie Tau Huay Stall

Joe purposely came to celebrate Cherrie's bday as well.

Actually we were all pretty tired.. Okay except for Joseph.

One small slice of cake for cherrie gal. lol. Ah Hem.. Surprise bo gal? I 配合得天衣无缝 with the waitress right! Cherrie got a surprise when the waitress suddenly turn up with a cake.

Wen came later in the evening and we went to the famous tau huay place at Selegie. Finally I'm taller than both of them...

Have to stand and eat while these 2 gals happily slurp away. 没天理!

3rd & 4th Dec: Cherrie's House

Haven't even sang birthday song yet the gals already cmi. Drunk!

While Cherrie and sis had their face red, I looked pretty sane still.

Tipsy yet hungry. I started to attack the packet of spicy hor fun. I finished it! Yiyi... That's an ugly shot lor..

Eating and blabbering

Still eating lol!

Finally it was cake time! Mango cake! Yummy...

Wonder what these people are wishing for. From left, Wen, Cherrie and Gor aka Major

Mirror mirror on the wall, who has the biggest mouth of all? Big mouths power!

Gift ceremony:

Susan with her belated gift!.

Gor: Wah liew sis.. Do you have to do this? Pink!

Cherrie's eyeing her favourite colour.
Gor: Sianz.. How to wear this?
Gor very ke lian.. Keep getting weird prezzies. LOL



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