Saturday, December 03, 2005

I got pretty pissed at my friend just now. Hm... actually dunno why I can get so pissed. In the first place I'm never close to her. Anyway, we were having vocal exams this evening. Everyone has prepared his or her piece by last week. So came today, she requested if she could sing a different song which got rejected. So she started to complain about how she didnt prepare and all that nonsense. Was like sulking in the corner which I kinda felt wu liao of her to be doing. Though she may not know it herself, I always see her behaving in this manner when she don't get her way. Instead she will blame it on her circumstances or that the song is really not nice... diaoz.

Come her turn, she was surprised when they played the other song she was requesting for. Since she wasn't expecting that song, she did not bring her lyrics up with her to the examination studio, and hence she requested to get her sheets. Bad Move... 1) Examiners hate it when you waste time or did not prepare beforehand. 2) Since she didnt have her lyrics she should clear the air and tell them to switch to her pre-fixed exam piece. When she finally got back with her stuff, they let her sing through the entire song without first testing. The next thing you see her storming out of the room with a black face and once again complaining how unfair it was. Complained about how she tot that it was a practise round so she didnt give her all. blah blah blah...

So fed up I got with her sulks that I cant help but got pretty frank with her.
"Since when is the world fair gal? U are now working so you should know better"
"U said you are angry. Angry with your circumstances or just at yourself?"
She replied saying that she's angry cos she wasn't given a chance to give her best cos she tot it was a practise round first.
I immediately shot back "Then take it as a lesson for you to take each practise seriously and give your best lor"

Wah liew... I got my reason to be angry. In the first place I hate it when people dun take lessons seriously and wasting my time too! All the while, lao shi has been really patient and kind to tell her to change her habits and be more serious everytime. Despite all that, I only remember her complaining of how tough or horrible that song is, how lousy her form was that day, blame everything except herself for not wanting to at least try. Its wasting my time lor! Lao shi can be patient but I buay tahan k. There are so many more pple there who deserves more attention than someone who dun even try. We all have to sit through every lesson listening to lao shi asking her to just sing louder.... Even the tone deaf guy in my class rendered more respect from me. I find that lao shi spending more time on him is more justifiable since he is always putting in so much effort and tries his best despite his natural defect.


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