Friday, December 02, 2005

I tot my bro's mp3 player konked out on me. Was working perfectly well for a while when it suddenly went blank in my face. Got a rude shock since I see that the batt level was at least 2/3 full. Without the mp3 player while traveling, it feels alittle empty like a piece or part of you missing. lol. Not very used to be "unaccompanied". Normally if alone while traveling, I will be lost in the world of mp3s. Very comfy and at home. 讨厌 just as I needed it most yesterday, it decides to 罢工. But fortunately, it turned out that the prob's really the battery. Phew...

Anyway, heard an Australian got proscecuted here. Talking to TF over msn:
TF says: someone just got hanged leh....
凤 says: ah yah
凤 says: actually i'm not sure why
凤 says: he trafficked drug?
凤 says: soli la
TF says: yar
凤 says: heard that australia isnt happy about this
TF says: drug die... kidnap die... murder die
TF says: yar... super unhappy
凤 says: y ah?
凤 says: he some impt person meh
TF says: coz he's from Australia
TF says: no lar..
凤 says: chey
凤 says: we proscecute regardless of nationality wat
TF says: some thing like that vandalism case yrs yrs ago
凤 says: yah
TF says: yar
凤 says: if we let this guy go, then how to ans to the prev cases
TF says: yar
TF says: anyway it's quite sad also lar
凤 says: y?
TF says: the news kept flashing this case
凤 says: true
TF says: then the mother and bro came
TF says: sigh...
凤 says: haiz
凤 says: but law is law
凤 says: we are tough
TF says: law by law...
TF says: hahaha...
凤 says: lol

Traffic to Singapore for wat! We are so hardcore on cracking down such cases. U can be some royalty or famous person, but Singapore is well-known for being 铁面无私.
Watever, everything has its and 果, 认了吧.

Hm.. just read BM's post again.. Liew.. She got the same phone as me...


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