Thursday, December 22, 2005

Just finished my supposedly "Dinner".
Lao shi can really talk la. For the whole 4hrs, he simply talked non stop. We dun even have a chance to drink water wat more eat lor. Not complaining cos it serves me right for bad time management la. I should have eaten something before heading for class. But as usual, I was rushing for time so end up with a noisy tummy.

Class was okay I shud say but towards the end all of us were starting to feel the strain in having to sit in the same position for hours. Part and parcel of endurance training I guess. Perhaps can start to learn how to sleep with my eyes open liao.

Listening to lao shi tell us about his one on one training with kelly kinda freak me abit. Already wondering if this is what I really want to undergo. Afterall, my value system seemingly changed. I start to place higher importance to spending more time with my family and personal time to do what I truly enjoy.


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