Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Left for Genting on the Eve of Xmas. Got caught in a jam along the way lor... Every Tuas causeway was packed like hell... Vehicles were trying to squeeze into the road shoulders too causing some of the cladding walls to come off... Wah piangz.. Cladding expensive hor!

Bro took nice picts of fiona.. That cutie pie...

She was very perky throughout the journey.

Cos of the jam, we were really far behind time. Thank god checking in was a smooth process. Sis gave us the 哭笑不得 look.

Wasn't really that cold up there. Just the first day and we didnt have much to do. So we simply took picts and more picts.

What's xmas eve without some celebration right. Sis and my initially intention was to bring lotsa party stuff to Genting but we were too lazy to lug them cos they were too heavy la... So in the end we had to comb Genting shops to get as much as we could.. ermm... much to our disappointment.

Anyway, we got ourselves some really cutie hairbands that really looks out of place on us.. But like we care!!! We aint in Singapore so NEVERMIND.. hahaha We can act cute as much as we like. Almost got to the point of becoming 自恋. See pict to verify.... lol

Twist poses

Think I'm getting abit 无聊.. Waiting for those guys to return to the room. The kids were getting increasingly restless.. Those gor gor la!! We were all starting to give 鬼脸s.

This pict looks like Fiona praying hard for the gor gors to hurry up. K.. thats another of my 鬼脸.

See them taking their own sweet time....

Can even take picts!

Ah ma also bored liao hahaha..

Indian poker and our forfeit list. First time hearing our Mr kai sing us white xmas wor! lol. Good one cousin!

Gifts exchange time. The little ones seem impatient with the photo taking lol.. They want their gifts soon...

Tada! Unwrapped!

Finally a group shot. Apart from ah ma.. I'm the oldest liao!!! *humpf.. Why cant I have an elder bro or sis at all ah.

Xmas day itself was boring... lol. Like there wasn't anymore xmas mood suddenly. Me and sis were trying to think of things to do. No more theme park for us!!! Every year the same routined rides not sian 才怪. So all we did was to keep shopping! Not like there were alot of shops la... So wu liao were us that we even took pictures in the dressing room! Sis says her friends do that everytime.. lol Is that a trend now? I'm getting too backdated.

Sis's friends say we look almost identical. Sure not? Maybe cos I face her everyday so I cant really tell wor. Took a shot to try verify. U say leh?

Skirts we tried. Din buy the one I was wearing la. Wore for my sis to take picts hahahaha.. We were really taking our sweet time inside. hahahaha...

See my nice hairdo. I DIY de k. Can consider employing my services k. lol

At the end of our shopping conquest, we actually splurge quite alot la.. Better not reveal how much.. Not that we bought alot but the stuff were seriously pretty expensive.
The last day was the worst. We were already spent trying to think of things to do.

  1. ktv - Super ex!!! RM65 per head siao la! Never go
  2. ktv box - 1RM per song.. Never go
  3. Movie - Most movies either full house or time slot over liao...
  4. More shopping?? - No more shops liao
  5. Arcade - Nothing new
I was so bored to even try the casino in the end lor... Lose money.

The journey home was quite sian initially. This couple behind us were really inconsiderate. Considering that the waiting time was killing us liao. That stupid old guy selfishly tried to pull sis's curtain to his side which made the sunlight go into our eyes. Buay tahan! Want to 以大欺小 issit?? We almost went into a tug of war! Not to mention that they took the entire baggage space when we are supposed to share lor! Selfish people! But we are civilised people la so we never 计较....


I decided that I shall have my great revenge. Purposely belt Mayday very loudly and disturb their sleep when evening came! LOL... I'm evil... hiak hiak hiak.. My cousins were really funny too. Helped to create lotsa noise pollution. Merry Merry Merry. Think that old guy diao me. BLEH...

Jam again on the way back.


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