Thursday, December 15, 2005

Looking after 2 kids and a dog can be a tiring chore. It's my off day today so went with mom and cai to aunt's house. Little Min was there too along with cousin Fiona. Really sayang these 2 gals la. Maybe cos I have very little female cousins. My family is 男丁兴旺.

We headed with the adults (of cos including me as adult la) to IMM first. So poor cai has to endure staying in his doggie bag while I have to endure carrying this 5kg little imp all around. Back breaking!

I thought I would finally get some rest when we reach aunt's house. Who knows, her maid is super afraid of cai. I cant fall asleep in peace cos I had to constantly keep an eye on him not to disturb her. He seems to really enjoy bullying her lah. Kept on barking and running to her. End up I had to enclose myself and him in the room while i took a short nap.

Decided to take the kids and cai down to the playground to play in the afternoon. While the gals (age 4 and 8) played with the slides, I played catch with cai to exercise him abit. Make him tired so that I can have a peaceful night today. At the same time, I have to keep constant look out for the gals. Cannot let them have mishaps under my care right. Still wanna bring them out next time de, so dare not venture far. But being me hor, I simply cannot fang xin in the end. Cai have to sacrifice and stop play while I took him to sit with me to watch the gals try climbing ropes.

Fiona suddenly drew herself away from the playground and sat next to me in silence. I asked her what happened but she just shook her head. Got me a little confused cos I tot she was enjoying herself. Sometimes it's really hard to get answers from these 4 year olds cos they are like playing mind games with you. Saw her envious look at her other cousin Min who was climbing everywhere like a monkey.

Me: You scared to climb that web?
Fiona: ...... (nods her head shyly)
Me: I tot Fiona very brave de?
Fiona: ...... (shy smile)
Me: You want to try anot?
Fiona: I scared
Me: You see min min jie jie enjoying herself, you try too la. Nothing to be afraid off de.
Fiona: Dun want la (though she was still looking enviously)
Me: Okay jie jie and cai cai accompanyyou there and help you k.
Fiona: ......... (looks at me yearningly)
Me: Come la. Fiona not scared of cai cai le. So brave of you. This one you can one hor..

Fiona gave me a very bright smile so I took it as an indication of okay. Till the point where she daren't go any more, I just had to encourage her to try just one more step and praise her whenever she manages. She will then run to me and give me a high five with a very satisfied smile each time. With that many just one more step, she managed toclimbed a whole lot of distance. Once again, just to illustrate that everyone thrives with encouragement and praises. lol.

你快乐吗? Someone just asked me..
Hm.. 快乐是什么?还不只是一个字眼吗.快乐还不是这样,不快乐日子还不是得照过.快快乐乐,可口可乐!我说我会很快乐.同时间,我又想着,真的会吗?


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