Sunday, December 04, 2005

Seriously, drinking is no fun leh...
Firstly, you think you are still sober (That's for pple who have slow reaction time like me). But once the liquor starts to take control, your realisation came too late cos you have already downed those glasses. Playing while half dizzy is worse cos you are already in that slow reaction state and naturally you tend to keep losing. I practically saboed myself lor!

Want to start blaming xiang for playing that stupid 007 game! I banged out so many mistakes made a laughing stock of myself somemore. K la. I stupid can. Sitting beside gor and xiang is the worst feng shui position. How to win with these 2 sabo-ing kings... Xiang kept banging himself continuously making me and phyllis look like some silly gorilla doing the loud "Ah" sound with both hands shooting up. Wah liew... jittery whenever the gun is passed to him lor. To think I keep laughing at Sophia for her own mistakes. End up, I also stupidly made the same mistakes and end up drinking dunno how much la. I dun like Vodka Lime!!!! The lime's too sweet and sour! And there isn't such things as high cos I only found myself dizzy and head heavy. Feel so sleepy lor..

But dizzy 归 dizzy, I can remember what you all were doing lor! That tupid ziyi kept taking ugly picts of me eating my hor fun and when I was nursing my dizziness on the chair. Come to think of it, it's funny that I could still feel hungry while tipsy.


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