Monday, December 12, 2005

Some excerpts taken from Chin Yee's photo album.
See our team with little Ni learning to strike our group pose!

From left: Yaohui, Hailiang, Chin Yee, Anselm, Me, Yida, Siang Leng, Henry, Chao Yong, Teck Neng(bowing slightly) and of cos little Ni.

2 aunties giving out gifts in classroom.

Not for the faint heart person. Totally gross... How can we eat this???

Ha..! Found him in Chin Yee's archives. This little boy is the first kiddo to slip his his hands into mine when the rest were too shy. I didn't know his name cos he didnt speak at all.

Master cook Mr Mak Yao Hui! Its back to the basics time!

At the steps of the famous Angkor Wat.. Wonder why they are made that way. Too steep for each step that we have to become spidermen or spiderwomen.


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