Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Teaching the little monster at home is like teaching a little kid. He's currently "suffering" for his misdeed. Just the other day, he urinated at the step (DIY from a shoe box) to his playpen where he stores his toys. We decided that the step had to go since it has been totally soiled and had turned soggy. He might as well make to do with climbing (jumping) in and out of his pen.

This scardy little boy tried so hard to get into his favourite hide out. Was staring at the unusual loss of steps and nervously trying to jump a few times. It was a pretty funny sight seeing him going back and forth with his front paws. Seeing him try so hard was really endearing like seeing your kid learning to take his first few steps. Took a pretty long time trying to show him the right way in by taking his paws and guiding him many times, then edging him to go on doing the same with his hind legs. When he finally succeeded, I was applauding so proudly. It seems that dogs like humans thrive on positive enforcement. With a few more tries, encouragement plus praises, he managed to clammer in all by himself with confidence.

Then the hard part came. It was more difficult to get out than get in. From his view, it seems like the floor has suddenly gone very deep. Despite some tries to want jump out, he will back out at the very last instance. It got so bad that he started whining for help. He was trapped at his favourite hideout. Took me double the time teaching him how to get out properly. The first few tries were terrible cos he was too anxious to get out and hence jumped too high causing his butt to hit the top of the pen. Till now, though he still manages to get out, he occasionally whines for help. I wonder if I should DIY him another step to save all the trouble of him whining so very often.


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