Friday, December 09, 2005

A very long day...
Ashamed I was on my way home that I did nothing to render help to a blind person. Call it Paiseh or pride, I was actually AFRAID to help... At that instance, I was thinking so much of the what ifs. Wat if he wanted to go somewhere too far.. Wat if he thinks that I'm too busy a body. Haiz.. all in all, I just hesitate too much and by then I decide that I should help, he has already gone far, leaving me ashamed of myself. To think that I have previously berate this photographer for not helping a dying child. I'm no where better...

Anyway, I was out with cherrie today for audition at tinybox. I should feel at home since I always take lessons there, but I cant help but trembled as I stepped into the studio. Somehow the word COMPETITION scares the hell out of me. Before going in, I was making a fool of myself jumping up and down infront of this bewildered person-in-charged. Then they had to choose my turn to take a break. Fang Fang lao shi was the judge today.. Siao liao... She's very stringent de lor. And Ernest (person doing the recording) made me even nervous by telling me that they will judge even tougher for me. Heck, I sounded unsteady la.

Had a great deal of catching up afterwards at Cafe Gailee where cherrie treated me to a free cup of mocha latte. I learnt that latte = milk. So desu neh... So if you go aboard and order a latte, expect a cup of milk! Its always nice to be chatting over coffee. Just right after dinner, we walked from orchard to plaza sing where cherrie spotted Joe and 2 other gals! lol. I felt cheeky and wanted to surprise him. As he went to order his coffee at starbucks, we hurried to his table and sat there backfaced waiting for him to return. Guess we were too noticeable, esp my hair that the moment he returned he called out our names. Bo fun de.. Ya I know its wu liao of us, but its very typical feng and cherrie to do tat. Joe asked if I was crying cos my eyes were red... Alamak, my contacts dry la. Please hor... I dun normally cry outside or esp infront of others la.

We spotted 4-leaf clover accessories there and cherrie ask if I wanted one. Not that I dun believe in that but just that if I ever had luck, I had given it away long time ago in Cambodia. I was the first to spot them in the village (Really rare sia). But gave them all away in the end. No wonder so down on luck hahaha... Forget to mention that I forgot to bring my atm and credit card out today lor. So ke lian man. Have to rely on cherrie to treat me dinner initially but thankfully I had a few bucks to last me through dinner. 空得一身轻.

Deciding not to disturb our xiao shi di with his chio friends, we sat ourselves on the steps outside Plaza Sing to continue chat. Dunno how come our conversations always venture into weird topics. We started talking about the people we would wanna see upon our deathbeds. I made her promised to inform a list of people should I be in that situation. Its like setting up a spoken will liao. LOL... I told her I still had that box (Only a few know of it) that I wish to discard. Met Ernest on the way back. I complained how terribly I sounded, in fact worse than my exam day. He suaned me!!! Said that at least I didnt use Gu lat like the other day. Diaoz... Use also cannot, dun use also cannot lol.. K I shan't complain, its just very me to freak out anywayz.

Hm.. wanna blog about this book I read on my way home. Highly recommended by my bro. Guess will leave it to some other days cos not much writing juice left. Just wanna say that this book reveals the simplest yet easily forgotten principles of life. Very enjoyable.


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