Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Very sian this morn la... Was trying hard not to let anger get the better of me.
Wise choice lor... If not, I think I would have let go alot of steam and perhaps resulted in some cold war.
It was totally unreasonable in my opinion to be ranted for things that are beyond my control ma.
If you want things your way, say nicely and not start acting like some mad person. That's why I had the urge to scream back. Was trying to curb back giving my side of the coin cos I knew it will fall upon deaf ears. No point trying to get the other person to understand esp with the generation gap. What to do? 忍 lor. My sunny morning turned grey and sian.

亲人没有搁夜仇的. Everything turned out okay in the end towards the afternoon. Haiz.. PMS really isn't good. Will I become like dat?


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