Thursday, December 08, 2005

Went Changi airport this morn to send off mei mei. She's heading to Beijing for a week with her CCA group - Chinese Orchestra. I think my mei's pretty talented, not only did she pick up music herself, she plays the Zhong ruan, Gu zhen and a little of keyboard. In fact my lao ya organ at home is more utilised by her than anyone else.

I was wondering if mom will tear at the airport like she always do. She's the emotional sort. Perhaps cos now she's very occupied as well as emotionally attached to cai to feel worried. She sayangs him like dunno wat. Could be scolding us at one moment and yet speak in the most loving tone to him the next moment. She calls him her baby now... lol

Think cai will miss my sis more than anyone else since he always sees her at home. In fact, he's now more attached to her. She called back this evening to 报平安. It feels unusually warm to hear her voice from the other part of the globe. People do appreciate better when apart hor.. So jian man. We take those around us for granted most of the time.


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