Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Fa Cai's Statistics

Fa Cai's Statistics
Erm... in case you are a Chinese and you think I'm gonna write about striking rich statistics (Fa Cai), you are in for a disappointment.
I'm talking about a dog here - My new puppy named Fa Cai. Blah!
It seems pretty corny that I would call him that. Didnt have much of a choice really. Mom hates dogs or should I say, terrified of them. She would never have allowed us to keep a dog till I told her I'm gonna name him Fa Cai. Political reasons... =P At least she thinks he would bring us luck.
His stats:
Name: As you already know it
DOB: 01-02-05 (you can try a bet at the lottery's)
Sex: Male
Brought home date: 26-03-05
Breed: Silky Terrier
Bark: High pitch whines and yelps
Behaviour: In need of training. Goes crazy when he sees food (I thought a hungry dog is a well-behaved dog. I'm wrong I guess)
Weighs: Weighing machine cant read his weight
Cuteness level: High

Is it transparent? Posted by Hello

Was reading my brother's blog when I saw his transparent screen. He got the idea from this website . Decided to test it out myself from my workplace. (Heehee.. Yeah yeah, skiving)

Not as ideal as I would love it to turn out but kinda cool. Shall do it again the next time but this time, I would make sure that the background objects are more contrasting. =)

Pat on my back for my very first try. (Gee.. I actualli feel proud over such small achievements! =P)

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Nine out of Ten Would be Adequate

Nine out of Ten Would be Adequate

Researchers at Alabama's Auburn University say they have determined what men want in the "ideal woman": she is sexually inexperienced but likes sex, has a career but is a full-time homemaker, has a slim build, is athletic, and has pretty eyes, dark hair, good complexion and a firm butt. Large breasts are nice, but not all that important. The study's lead author, Erica Gannon, says the specifications are similar to what is found in the Bible. "Our participants, whether knowingly or unknowingly, espouse a view of the ideal woman that is very similar to the views held by individuals thousands of years ago." However, she adds, "It's hard to be this woman." (UPI) ...About as hard as being the ideal man: strong yet gentle, powerful yet sensitive, has a great career yet helps clean the house and raise the children, in control yet cries, and a sex expert who's only been with one woman.

Is that true? Hm.. Seems tough to be an ideal woman. Its stressful to be a woman then. I rather be my dog, eat, sleep, poo, play. hahahaha

Monday, March 28, 2005



Oh man, training a pup can really tire one out easily. That vivacious little monster can really make me real mad. It's okay that he keeps gnawing at his toy and mat seeing that he is just a pup that needs to grind his teeth. It really irritates me when he always bits my fingers and toes and stubbornly refuses to let go. Even when I resort to smacking his backside or scolding him, he held on even tighter.

He goes crazy whenever he sees his meal plate. Despite attempts to quieten him, he continued to smash himself against his play pen and furiously clawed the cage. That baka dog. Sometimes I really wanna smack him real hard at the same time, he can be so adorable that you wun really have the heart to do so.

Probably should start considering sending him to a training school as a last resort should I fail to train him properly in 3 months time.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Fa Cai on his first day at home Posted by Hello

Fa Cai playing with his new toy in his play pen Posted by Hello

The new Pup

The new pup

I think I must be crazy.~~ I got so infatuated with the puppy I saw at a pet shop yesterday that I actually bought it today. It is a silky terrier.
The weight of responsibility hit me the moment it arrived home. For the next 10 years or so, I have to bear the responsibility of taking care of its basic needs as well as its well-being.
Am still pretty excited since its the first time we had a puppy. Haven even thought of a nice name for it, though mom keep calling it 发财 meaning "get rich" in mandarin.
We bought a play pen for it which also plays as his sleeping quaters. It wasn't long before I had to scold him for urinating on the floor. It took quite alot of effort to scold him cos he is so adorable!!! I hope I will be able to train it well. Wouldnt want my parents to complain about me being irresponsible.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


QUEST - NTU Anniversary Concert

Was enjoying the SCE Greasce performance again this morning which prompted me to think if I could find the video of NTU's 20th anniversary which I performed in a few years ago which was a much grander event. Kinda miss the time we had and the hard work we all put in.

That's the link!
Under the 20th anniversary link.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

SCE Day - Greasce

SCE Day - GreaSCE

Thank you Joseph!!!! Hahahaha cant help feeling crappy today. I have been bugging Sourav for the SCE musical vcd since dunno how many weeks ago. Heard from Sid that he danced very well (I really doubt so). He refused to turn it in to me and rather I watch it at his house cos he doesnt want it "publicised"! Like I would bother so much as to pirate it. Oh Please! =P

Well, Joseph sent me a link which made me laugh the entire day. It was the SCE musical link!!!
Could hear peals of laughter and my shrieks even from the corridor as I watched the video clip. The lecturers are simply amazing. Never knew they could dance.

I gonna disturb Sourav soon and imitate his dance moves. hahaha...!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005



Haven't been blogging for a while. Have been infused into work.
I suddenly found myself at the reflection stage of my life. Have been too busy to stop and reflect.
I guess I'm finding my current situation pretty monotonous.

I probably am wishing for more adventure. At least some ups and downs would be fun than finding life bored. Was thankful for an old friend who called to chat. He happened to be at a similar stage now. At least it made me "normal". hahahaha...

Met Michelle from IJ Gym in the MRT on the way home as well. It came at the right time just as I am lamenting about how boring life can get.

Monday, March 21, 2005

结 束 我 们 抱 着 哭

结 束 我 们 抱 着 哭

我们到旧地重游 收拾那些感动
选在牵手处分手 让回忆变朋友
落叶会记得大树的执着 在离开以后

我们背对背靠拢 数到十往前走
约好别回头别挽留 让爱多点洒脱

很多话哽在喉咙 说不说心都会痛
突然你我都掉头 跑进彼此的怀中

爱情结束我和你抱着哭 四行泪洗出两条对的路
爱更加清楚不要谁变成包袱 才放手祝福

和你抱着哭 最后拥抱心懂心的无助
爱若曾付出会深深被心记住 伤痕是礼物

没有照顾好承诺 我想是我的错
感觉像冰块融化了 感情无法挽救

少了我前呼后拥 你会难免寂寞
我同样也承受 这段爱写下的错

不要怕孤独回忆中有我同住 远远的守护

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Out of this world

Out of this world

I was reading a friend's blog today. It revoked some memories within me. Its difficult to tell if they are happy or sad. Probably a mixture? Many people may see me always cheerful and hyped up, but within that well masked shell, how many actually know me really inside?
I asked myself before if I could live this life without any regrets. I supposed this is a little too perfect a scenario I painted. There are many things that I regretted doing and things which I think I will never let go off.
I can understand how that friend feels, cos even when I am happy, I will go into a reminise mood for no apparent reason. That's so human hahahaha.. Nevertheless, I'm still grateful that there are always things to brighten up my day.
And to my shi di if you are reading my blog, I hope you will find your light through your troubled heart. You didnt tell me what's bothering you, but its evident that you are not happy. Dun worry! Anything that you cannot handle, Shi Jie to the rescue!

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