Tuesday, February 28, 2006



Me: Auntie!!!!! Stop bringing us more food la.. So paiseh
Auntie: Nevermind, I bring for you sayang.
Me: Auntie, you just want to make me fat fat ah.
Auntie: Ya la. Eat, try la. Nice know.

Alamakz. Really paiseh.. She's always bringing stuff to the office for us. First it was like 2 big boxes of cookies she made for Hari Raya, then it was flowers for me and chao, now she's giving crackers, banana fritters and cakebread. Paiseh to be always accepting from her. Gee.. next time must treat her lunch or something like dat.

There, lunch's settled for me. Munching the cakebread now. So xing fu...

ICPNM Program

There was a time long long ago, someone promised to submit my name for this program (INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE PROGRAM IN NEW MEDIA) PROGRAM

Cos he missed the submission date, the entire matter was forgotten thereafter. There goes my subsidy for it as well... It is not cheap either to take up this entire course but it's super cool to really do it. You get trained and stationed abroad for 5 months at Providence. Meehae was strongly recommending it to me that time too. Got me so entirely excited. Recently saw the advertisment for the Master of Science Program that includes the same ICPNM Program leh~~~! Wah liew... terribly expensive... a 9 month's program cost that is equivalent to our 4 years bachelor course lor.


Monday, February 27, 2006


半夜看cable 的旧电影 寂寞好深
像看自己从前 从前的幸福和愚蠢
电影里主角回头 的泪痕那泪痕
忽然好想旧情人的 柔软双唇

人一辈子常常只有 只有一次缘份
错过就再也遇不到 那么好的人
於是心里不时飘浮暖暖 那个吻


旧爱还是最美 美的东西往往太早枯萎
後悔时的泪水 特别让人觉得无力疲惫
旧爱还是最美 有时分手不是谁负了谁
两个对的人 却在错的时候爱了一回

Pet Shelters

Dog Rescue Shelter
Pasir Ris Farmway, along the same side as Ericsson Pet Farm
Email: jessie_6nbh@yahoo.com.sg

Animal Lovers League
Pet Villa
61 Pasir Ris Farmway 3,
Singapore 518232
(around a bend from Farmway 2), beside Pet Movers itself
Email: lunarsea@singnet.com.sg (ALL's official secretary)

Action for Singapore Dogs
Phone: 92590698 (Upon the beep, press '*' followed by your number, then '**')

Mutts and Mittens
11 pasir Ris Farmway 2, opps Per Hotel,

Shelter for Singapore Special??
SSS is located in Pasir Ris Farmway rented from Ericsson

Friday, February 24, 2006

Rigid or what?

Was on the mrt with my sec 3 cousin after visiting grandma. Then we discussed his school work where he complained how tough A Maths was. He faulted the teacher for being boring and found it tough to relate the different jargons they use. For example, he was asking me how to differentiate between distance and displacement and why is distance denoted by a "d" and displacement an "s". Okay.. I'm not a maths shen, but kinda explain that displacement and distance are the same in terms of magnitude, but displacement has got the direction vector in it.

Cousin: But the teacher wun be satisfied with the answer like dat. Must have certain words de.
Me: Siao la. Cannot explain in your own words meh. If I was you, I would draw something like dat.
Distance (A to B to C) = X + Y + Z
Displacement = 0 (Since starting point and ending point is the same spot.)

There... short and sweet plus diagram somemore k. Must always used jargons ma? If you really forget, at least write something like dat so that teachers can find some reasons to award marks ma rather than score nothing for handing in a blank answer right.

Why are teachers getting more and more rigid ah? Must die die give the exact words meh? Must mark according to their score sheet and sample answer ma?

Pictures at a Virtual Museum

Found and Recovered~~! Thankfully from my long lost thumbdrive which I found. Some of my FYP pictures.

Pictures at a Virtual Museum - Coded with Java and Java3D

In the Beginning - skeleton layout of the so called application (Left panel for moving within scene, right panel map to jump into the various rooms)

Presenting the room in 3D

Adding more colours to the map

Instructions and new 3D musuem with pictures. FYI, you can navigate in the middle panel with your up, down, left, right keys.

Next, the need for an avatar aka guide in the virtual museum. A hand sketch of the supposedly virtual guide.. Looks good here.

But.. The actual animated one didn't turn out as expected *chuckles

Thursday, February 23, 2006

NYP Scandal

This is outrageous la!!! Who is this F***er..
That NYP gal offended you meh??? Believe me or not, some fat asses are getting a real kick out of this poor gal's dire situation now. Get a life man! Now her video is even being ebayed! Kaoz... She dun deserve this lor...

Ebay (DUN U BID)
I believe this is not the only isolated case lor. There are bound to be more serious bai tais around.
It's already bad enough that the gal's suffering for (not her own fault mind you) her video being circulated worldwide. Her school also threatened expulsion. Now people are trying to profit from it. 天理何在?

See This
I dunno to laugh or cry.


Yesterday was cool. Met so many familiar faces on the way to meet GF for dinner. As I was heading for the lift, I met Hildard on her way to some Art Gallery at Holland V. Hildard, a German, is attached to my company for her project and thesis. Thankfully, we had alot to talk about so our conversation was interesting all the way till she alighted at Bouna Vista.

Felt someone's stare in the train. I realised it was that little impish Jonathan checking me out. Used to teach this Secondary 2 kid 3D graphics at ACSI. It's really funny to be talking to him as his instructor. I felt old, yet nostalgic thinking of the time I was his age. You cant have too much similar topics to talk to to a 14 year old kid apart from his studies and life. We came to the part on Literature, a subject I hated totally to the core at 14. He was bashfully commenting how well he did for his recent poetry writeup. Poetry...~~ Hm... Suddenly I seem to miss it leh, though I used to be so unappreciative of it. Well, looking at it from a 24 year old perspective seem more interesting. He was so eager to show me his literature work book. Kaoz.. their poetry is so much simple now then before lor. One read and I could tell the scenario and feel. Unfair la~ I was reading total alien language that time lor... Now do I remember that each paragraph is called a stanza. Forget le lol~~

Then met Jie Kuan and Fiona at Raffles Place transfer. Had recently seen Jie at the Alumni Dinner, but it has been a long time I last met his gf aka Phyllis's sister.

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Exactly how I felt neh. =)

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

By Marty Becker, D.V.M.

I dashed out an exit at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago and ran towards a waiting cab. I was greeted by a cab driver with a three-day-old beard, an old baseball cap and arms the size of tree trunks.
As he tossed my bags into the trunk, he spotted my luggage tags and said, "What kind of doctor are you?"
"A veterinarian," I said. Instantly, his grizzled face broke into a smile. This happens to veterinarians all the time, as people love to talk about their pets.
The doors slammed, he put the car into gear and hit me with this opening salvo, "My wife claims I love my toy poodle Missy more than I love her. Just once, she wants me to be as excited to see her as I am Missy. But Doc, it ain't gonna happen. Ya see, when I get home from a long day in the cab, dead tired, I open the door and there are the two of them looking at me, Ma and Missy. Ma has a scowl on her face and is ready to tear into me. Missy, on the other hand, is shaking all over, she's that happy - her face is grinning so wide, she could eat a banana sideways. Now who do you think I'm going to run to?"
I nodded my head in agreement because I understood his point only too well. He loved his wife, but he simply wanted permission to savor his fifteen minutes of fame.
Everybody gets fifteen minutes of fame once in his lifetime. We pet owners get our fifteen minutes every time we come home – or even return from the next room.
A few days after I saw the cab driver in Chicago, I returned home. I was tired from my travels and looking forward to seeing my family.
Pulling into the driveway, I peered through the windshield, straining to catch a glimpse of my loved ones. My two children, Mikkel and Lex, are very close to good ol' dad, but I didn't see their faces pressed against the window looking for me. Nor did my beloved wife, Teresa, come running in super slow motion across the yard, arms open wide ready to embrace me.
But I didn't despair. I knew I was still wanted, a Hollywood heartthrob, hometown hero to my two dogs: Scooter, a wirehaired fox terrier, and, Sirloin, a black Labrador retriever!
As soon as I exited the pickup, Sirloin and Scooter charged to meet me. Their love-filled eyes danced with excitement, and their tail turbochargers whipped them into a delighted frenzy of fur.
Was this affection-connection routine, or ho-hum for me? Was I cool, calm and collected?
Heck no. I turned into a blithering idiot as I got out of my truck and rushed to meet the hairy-princess, Scooter, and Sirloin, the fur-king.
There I stood, all these false layers stripped away, masks removed and performances cancelled. It was my true self. Extra pounds, bad-hair day, angry people, travel strains, no matter. Scooter and Sirloin came to the emotional rescue and allowed me to drink in the sheer love and joy of the moment. I was drunk with contentment.
I was glad this took place in the privacy of my own home. What happened next might have spoiled my polished professional image. I immediately smiled, and raised my voice an octave or two, exclaiming, "Sirloin, yuz is daaaaddy's boy, aren't ya?" And, "Scooter have you been a good girl today? Yeah, you have, you've been a goooood girl!!"
They responded by turning inside out with delight, pressing themselves against my legs and talking to me. I felt as if I could tap directly into their wellspring of positive, healing energy. Gee, it was great to be home!
I bounded up the steps to find the rest of the family, heart open, stress gone and spirits restored by my fifteen minutes of fame.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006











为什么要质问一个人的真诚? 不能认真和放纵的去相信吗? 能相信是幸福不是吗?
开始觉得很困惑, 很不解. 是自己做错了还是一直都不够.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Changing layout

Thinking of changing my layout again. Its hard to be scrolling within a designated area of the posts. I rather use the mid mouse button to scroll down continuously. Lazy to re-code, neither do I like to use other pple's design from blogskins. 又要马儿好, 又要马儿不吃草.


I know I'm overly excited again but it's just so cool~! Wiki is back~! In case you think I'm crazy over someone, wiki is our company's web forum. lol~~ Coded in PHP, one of those more familiar web programming language. It has been quite a long while since I last touched web programming. The latest I did was a management system for my IA company, but that's like dunno how many years ago le. It's definitely more interesting to be developing web applications over visual blah blah blah. Of cos I'm not the one who did up wiki, but I'm so thankful that it's up! That means I can always seek technical help le!!!!! So cool so cool. =P Wah.. a happy morning~~! Got company for breaky, got wiki up. Muahahahaha...

Oh oh.. not to forget that cheryl commented that the shophouse we did look so realistic. Happened to chance our model on the Master of Science pamphlet. Was proudly showing to the rest of my family members. They also commented on the realism. Wahahaha.. Purposely brought it to show GF and to my other colleagues. All of us so proud and satisfied with our work neh. Hm.. Later go show boss lol~~!

Monday, February 20, 2006












you're the only one ~only one~
you make all my dreams come true



过往云烟请你忘. 眼前, 希望你只看得到幸福.

Being Selfish

Here I am selfishly pursuing my own happiness and interests that I forget to give thanks to those who made it possible. Thank you~~ Not to forget those whom I have upset, angered and hurt in the process. I'm really sorry~~
I'm one hellavu selfish brat

Little Monster

Cai was very notti this morning.... Wonder if its the growing up pains. He was biting on to my dad's cable tie. Heard sis trying to retrieve it from his mouth this morn. Normally he would have relented after a little tug, but he became aggressive all of a sudden. Woke up from his fierce growls. Sis tried to ply open his mouth and he was defensively defending his "food".

Felt really worried cos this is the first time he rendered such a strong reaction with regards to a non-edible item. It would have been normal if it had been his bone. He even growled when dad took the newpapers to hit him. kaoz! Headache + heartache. Why did my cai become like dat...

I took over the devil's role. Gave him a rude shock with the newspapers, making him silent down almost immediately. I went on to give him a full 5 min lecture in the harshest voice I could muster till he dare not look me straight in the eye. Must have been a long time since I ranted at him cos he looked so forlorn and surprised at my reaction. At the back of my mind, I started to wonder if I hadn't taught him well. If not, then I must be such a failure.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

2006 First Alumni Dinner at OCBC - The Executives Club

Bo liao yes.. but tot it was interesting to take this notice.. lol
Was there really early, so is everyone else. Had a bit of catching up to do before the dinner. Erm.. dun really know everyone actually.
Hahahah. Chee cheng (class rep), Cherrie, me and foo lee.

Our "beloved" Sourav. Purposely requested Tiffany to put us in the same table.

We tot we were having some Indian Vegetarian meal. Ended up we were misguided by the menu on the table. It turned out to be buffet (Chinese Style). Nice food!

Prof Yaw (Ex Sub-Dean), me, cherrie and Ankit (1 Year our junior)

More people joining to take pictures though we dunno them.. lolz

Cherrie and Ankit won our table a box of Ferrero rocher in the pyramid game.

Friday, February 17, 2006


I hope I'm not a victim of this as well... Never really check my singtel bills since I depend mainly on vpost for payment notification. Then I will normally proceed to make payment online... Lazy to read the hardcopies sent via snail mail. Shutz~!

Hi all,

Just a quick note to let everyone know of a mobile phone scam that's been going round lately in Singapore. If you're a M1 or Singtel subscriber, there might have been recent charges to your account which may have been faked.

Subscribers who have received SMS greetings over the recent Chinese New Year period from the short number 77330 will have been charged $1 per greeting. The service is from a company called mTouche ( www.mtouche.com ), and the charge would have been levied even if you've not subscribed to their greeting service. mTouche has been fined by IDA ( www.ida.gov.sg ) in the past for the same offence but they seem to be doing it again.

Do check your recent statements carefully. So far it seems only M1 and Singtel customers are experiencing this problem but subscribers to other networks should review their statements just to make sure.

The best thing you can do if you've received these extra charges is to send a complain to IDA at info@ida.gov.sg . Don't bother calling mTouche as they've disconnected their phone lines as of this morning. The telcos claim they are unable to do anything about charges levied by a third party.

Please spread the word around.

Coughing Fits

*cough cough~!* Kaoz...~! By far the worst tasting medicine I ever had in my whole life. 良药苦口利与病, 忠言逆耳利于行. But this is abit too hard to handle. Have always prided myself to be able to 吃苦. This medicine is simply 很难难咽下去. Thinking of the taste alone already make me shudder...

Now grandma is lying in hospital. Admitted today. Still dunno what exactly is wrong cos mom only mentioned her heart beat shot up very high. Pray that she's fine... Hope she lives long enough to... well sian...

Anyway, another sianess... Well, its my stupidity really. I vow never to anyhow sign any stupid agreement or contract watever so anymore! Read gal! I actually missed out a clause... To think I have taken law before.. How could I???? Really getting stupid and foolish.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Flower Dogs

So cute neh!


Finally got the Visual Studio .Net installation CD... So terrible how we keep our softwares. They are like all over the place and everytime someone wants some installation cd, we will mass mail to ask if the rest has seen it. Well, now that it's installed, it also means more reading up for me le lor.. bleh!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Kids are really hard to teach these days... Ambitious yet forever waiting for you to feed them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

~Bangkok Entry~

10th Feb
All set to fly off at Changi Airport. This Xiang and Gor bought beer... Heinekein. I took only a few sips, cant drink too much cos its supposedly cooling for the body and it's not the right time to be cool.. lolz

#@#@43@#$%$ Flight was delayed for a hour, so we geared ourselves to take picts.
(Xiang, Gor, Me, Cherrie, Wen)

The more wu liao, the more pictures we take.. Slouching already somemore.

11th Feb
Finally, we arrived at our destination around 1am Bangkok time. Xiang's cousins were there to meet us. 4 of us had to hail a cab to Palazzo (meaning Palace) Hotel. Cherrie had warned us before hand that the there were many bad reviews of the Hotel. But thankfully, the place was good. Slept around 3+am to wake up at 6am. Yawnz...~

In a real good mood for breakfast despite little sleep.

Its me who looked tired instead. lolz~~

Dough stick in soya bean milk.

Given our limited time in Bangkok, we shot to the train station (BTS) to set out for the day immediately after breakfast. Our first destination was of cos the famous Chatuchak market.

We were apparently very suan gu cos this was the first time we see tokens being issued as tickets. Very cute. Unlike our local MRT, these tokens were retained the moment we leave, saving the hassle to go redeem our deposits.

A closer up picture of the ticket dispenser. 22 Baht equivalent to around 90 cents SGD is pretty expensive for the locals le.

Picts inside the BTS. Cameras are supposedly not allowed.

Cherrie and Gor


At Chatuchak Park.

We were supposed to act natural, but see how xiao I get.

AH~~~! Chatuchak really has got lotsa stuff... Even puppies~~! They are so adorable I tell you!!! If we were allowed to bring animals home, I sure buy them!

These pups are somewhat more fortunate cos they are enclosed in airconditioned comfort.

Look at the rest who are jammed packed in other sections. They are subjected to the heat as well.

So adorable leh these little fur darlings. Make me think of my cai at home.

Can be so happy while haggling for prices too. Demonstrated by our dear cherrie.

LOL. 把LV 踩在脚下
Chatuchak Market.
Hot hot~~. Xiang happily threw us aside while he went playing golf, leaving poor gor had to accompany us gals to shop.

Spent like half a day at Chatuchak. Then we decided to head down to MBK where gor wants to tailor his clothes (1100B for Shirts and 1300/1400 for pants). Kaoz.. the traffic at Bangkok really sux big time. The jams were really bad. Trust xiang to advice us to take a cab. We should have just took to the trains. I dun understand how they design the roads there. There can be cars on the opposite lane going in the same direction and in other parts, cars go opposite directions in the same lanes. Pengz.. I never want to drive there.

After MBK, we walked ages to Siam Square then to this place Gor recommended called Indra Square. According to him, they have really good quality jerseys! Really worth the walk! Bought a Liverpool home jersey! Swee~~! Hope the receiver likes it!

Anway, we were really dead beat after that. My back was aching like dunno what. Tried to flag a cab back to hotel, but every taxi driver kept refusing to take us. Luckily, this tutuk man saved our day. Our Saviour~~~ The only down point - We had to squeeze like mad. 4 pple in one tutuk...


Trying to communicate with the tutuk driver.

See how squeezy. My knees could have easily sway out of the tutuk.

Stock taking time... LOL So many barang barangs. Already got headache how to pack them into my small bags le.

Not only were we tired, we were super hungry cos we skipped our lunch. Dinner was our highlight cos xiang took us to a Seafood Restaurant near Suan Lom night market. The food was fantastic save for the food poisoning we had later on the next day. Till now I still wonder if it was these that caused it.

Checking out the menu. (Xiang's cousin aka jia kang, gor, xiang)
Had to wait for 3 more friends to join us.

More wu liao plus hungry... Quite a waste cos we forgot to take pictures with this gal called ja who came along. She's so pretty!!! Even gals can drool la.! Apparently, she is a high earning model and has got billboard picts over the country lor.


Fresh Oysters! My first time.

Simply cannot stand it. We had to gobble these down.

Okay, if you think eating is cheap in Bangkok, yes you are right, but not if you go eat at such high end places. The bill came up to around SGD 30 ++ per head...

12th Feb

Some pictures of our hotel room.
Wen's terribly camera shy.

Tried our funny gigs again.

The zi lian me.

Our hotel entrance.

Supposedly, our hotel is situated near the red light district. Doesn't really look that way in bright day light huh. If we did not know beforehand, there's really not much indication leh.

My favourite colour! And we took these pink cabs like 2 times le! Coolz

A very familiar sight. And we are thankful of that.

On thing tat I tot was worth pointing out was their information projection screen using their sliding door. Tot it was a good idea to display information directly infront of the door. However, the flipside is that projections are normally low resoluted.

We had a hectic schedule for the day cos of the limited time. Our first stop was to head for the 4 face buddha temple near Chit Lom station. This time round, we took the MRT.

We gladly let the guys take the lead in directing.

More pictures

Their MRT system. Like our old MRT system, they issue those card like tickets.

Within the temple grounds, we spotted a group playing some musical instruments.

On a closer look, there were some gals in traditional thai gear dancing to the music.

Apparently, the locals pay to get them to sing, pray and dance for them while they kneel beside.

The rest busied themselves with the offerings. It was not convenient for me to hold incense that day, so I became the photographer instead.

Took picts of the streets as well.

After praying, we headed to a Thai Massage place near Surasek Station. Paid like 450B for an hour's session. According to my very pretty masseuse, she's paid only 50B. We ended up tipping them 200B extra. The massage was great though and we had our backs straightened for a while. lol. I must admit that my shoulder blades still hurt till now.

Back at hotel before checking out.

We grabbed some roadside food before heading to the airport. Cherrie and wen had some cha siew rice.

Me and the rest tried their favourite pig trotter's rice. Shiok! Dunno if this is the cause of our food poisoning as well.

It rained on our way back to pick up our luggages to head to the airport. Sian right.. to rain at such a time.

So , I ended up taking rainy day pictures of Bangkok.

We arrived at the Bangkok International Airport around 5+pm cos our flight was scheduled to leave at 650pm Bangkok time. Then to our dismay, they delayed our flight by an hour again. So Great.. It meant that we will arrive in SG around 1130pm... Midnight charge!!!

Anyway, we had our dinner at a small eatery called S&P. They served us heart-shaped rice! lol
Happy Valentines!
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