Monday, May 08, 2006

The 5 people I meet in heaven

After reading the book "The 5 people you meet in heaven", I wonder who will be my 5. Everything in life adds up and yours could just be made up by those insignificant events or people.
Like what Adrian thinks, I also feel that different people will realise different things from it. How I interpret it will be a whole lot different from the rest ba. But the message from the book I have derived so far is that in life we should learn to:
  1. Forgive cos that's the door to happiness
  2. Sacrifice
And that:
  1. Things are meant to be there
  2. Little things add up
  3. Every end means a new beginning
  4. One sacrifices so that the other lives
  5. Our lives are interwined in one way or another
Cant recall too much now. Have to re-read that book again to see if I do get new meanings. But yeah. Its definitely worth a read. Makes one go back to the origin.


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