Friday, May 19, 2006

Asking for trouble

The 911 tragedy has already passed so long ago yet recently, the US Gov release footages of the so called plane crashing into Pentagon. People who already has watch the documentary Loose Change (link to website) will definitely snub at those releases. The supposedly evidence of the plane crashing scene was exactly what they showed, pinpointed and questioned in the documentary. What diff is here???

They are just asking for trouble cos many would have forgotten about the entire episode. By releasing those clips, people are back to contemplating if the government has a part to play in this.

Just look at the comments people post for the below clips.


Jinwei said...

At 1.26 of the first clip, pause it and you can see a white coloured projectile flying towards the building.

Looks more Tomish than Boeish to me.

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