Sunday, May 14, 2006

Busy Period

11th May - Day 1 of Car Rental

Was really weird to be renting a car at a weird timing like 8am....
Me, Mom and Cai walked all the way to the rental shop at Sembawang road from our home (Yishun). You can imagine how tired we were, not to say cai. He was panting like nobody's business.
So we thought it was lethargy for him when he first got on the car. But subsequent for the next few days, we realised that he will automatically feel sleepy inside a car.

After taking the car, I drove down to Mandai Camp to pick up dear bro then sent them home before I headed off to work. Met up with GF in the evening and for the first time after that, I met one of the largest downpour while night driving on the expressway. One word to describe that experience - FREAKY...
Imagine for one second you see nothing and the next you only get to see just dim lights coming from the other cars. We had to all go at not more than 20km...

The pict below (taken on a day) is considered very good visibility already if I were to compare...

12th May - Vesak Day

It's bro's turn to take over the wheels. Our first stop is a guan yin temple in yishun. As usual, cai demonstrated wat it is called to sleep in the car. Yupz~! He had a part in going to the temple. Who says dogs dun pray? LOL~
The next stop was originally lunch at Changi Village cos I was complaining of hunger. Ended up that the place was too packed so we had to redirect to East Point in Simei. Was greatly disappointed to find Pet Safari closed! To Loyang Tua Peh Kong we went next! Yes... there's always this craze to go to the temples whenever mom rents a car. Dun ask why cos I dunno myself, somehow it has become a norm and a thing to do.

Was another rainy day but thankfully it was still day time.

On our way towards Yishun to alight sis.

Many traffic lights were down as well.

It's silly yes (cos we were already so near home) but to Toa Payoh again we headed for Dinner at Sizzlers!

Bro's Salmon

I had Spicy Chicken Thighs~~~!! They were great!

The car was free for the evening, so I took it and met GF again to our favourite hideout, Dome. They served the most bitter mocha I ever tasted, but I love it! The combination of ice cream over mocha is totally yummy~~!.
After that, we drove many places (erm.. can say we got lost muahahaha) before I took GF home and went to fetch sis and her friend from their concert.

13th May

Another tiring day cos most of our time were spent in the car.....
Woked up pretty early, so I decided to take cai to Yishun dam and then Sembawang Park for his walk.

Boy did that little monster enjoyed himself.

It was bro's main duty at the wheels again for the rest of the day. To Orchard we headed as the first destination to take dad, mom and sis for their High Tea at Grand Hyatt Hotel organized by NTU. After which, we had plenty of time and nothing to do. So we took a spin to wherever it takes.. From missing a turn to Upper Thomson to Novena Square to Sim Lim and to pray. Even as a passenger, I was getting really tired.

Cai too...

Took dad and sis home before we headed to our cousin's at Boon lay. How can one not be tired out... Anyway, the highlight of the day was a free dinner at Swensens Jurong Point! Aunt's treat.

My Grilled Samba Fish.

Was too tiring for us except bro cos he's getting very comfy with driving. So we all headed home and that was the end of the day's activities.


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