Monday, May 22, 2006

The cute thing about Wolf

Feng goes to work late and bumps into him:
Wolf: Hi Feng! Morning.. *wink*
Feng (with a tad of embarrasment): Ah Hiya Sir

Feng goes off work early and bumps into him:
Wolf: Have a nice weekend! *smilez*
Feng (smiling impishly): Hehehe same to you ya.

Feng submits a half-day leave form to him directly cos she was to be chauffeur:
Wolf: Wow! Can you be my chauffeur then
Feng: If you can pay me enough! *grinz*
And Feng gets the halfday free and uncounted for.

Feng comes to work with a pale and listless face:
Wolf and colleagues: You look unwell. Take the day off.
Wolf: I hope you ain't bored down by work.

Wolf enters the staff room:
Wolf: Fun is over....
Feng and colleagues give "stressful" face.
Few possibilities when he does that:
  1. Deliver mail he picks up (Feng will go "Oh.. you playing deliverman again" + *grinz*)
  2. Picks up demo stuff from our office
  3. Seeks technical help
  4. Discuss serious matters of course
There you go, add things add up you get a nice _ _ _ _.


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