Thursday, May 18, 2006

Eventful Morning

Took a cab to work this morn cos was already 915am when I stepped out of my house. LOL~~
One thing I learnt this morn is never to belittle people around you esp cabbies... Met so many of them and many a times, each of them have their own background and surprisingly interesting histories. There was this one who was retrenched from a >10k job, another who used to be a businessman earning his millions and others who were reduced to cab driving during the 1995 financial downturn. The one I met this morning is power. muahahaha... From his look, you really can't guess that he is making >USD$80k every month. Not going to share what his business is about muahahahaha... But I learnt quite a bit. Coolz~!

Hm... I just got "promoted" too. The fruit stall uncle saw me this morning and called me his daughter.

Uncle: Eh 女儿, 你来了啊.
Me: Wah.. 我升值变你女儿了啊.

Then he went on to tell one of his workers to go get his eyes examined. I was thinking what a nice boss he is when he went on to add:
等下给你传染怎么办? -.-"

Perhaps it was this beautiful feeling after talking to the cabby, fruit stall uncle and auntie, that I was smiling to myself despite people around. Met a group of really well dressed people at my lift landing and one of ladies started to chat me up. To put it the nice way, I got head-hunted. lol~
She's from one of the Financial Companies and they were in NTU for career recruitment. A quick glance at her namecard told me she belongs to the higher management. Talking in a matter of fact tone she went: "What's a pretty girl like you doing in such a work environment? Come join us. blah blah blah blah.." The usual recruitment strategy. Though wasn't totally interested in what her company has to offer (very very probably a financial planner job), having to talk to some strangers kinda brushes up your comm skills in someway or another. Think she enjoyed our conversation as well.


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