Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I got dei dei voice

That's according to the drink stall lady. Always got my cheap and good coffee from Canteen A. 35 cents and 60 cents for a small or big cup respectively.

Like any usual morning, I stopped by the fruit stall to get my tao suan with you tiao of cos. Uncle still at it again asking if I want those you tiao. lol. And yet again he asked (for the utmost no. of times) what time was my lesson commencing. =P Had to remind him again and again that I'm already working. Smirkingly, he apologised and said that I looked like a student more than a working adult. Still very young.

Hoo~~! Feng does the Hard Gay Hoo.

To the drinks stall to get my coffee. With our usual greetings and chit chats, one of the aunties said my voice was soft and "you3" (Dunno how to translate from hokkien). Eh.... I'm known for being loud lor... Muahahaha.. And the last she commented was that my voice's very dei (撒娇)! Sure not... maybe she never watch those taiwanese drama or variety shows. I thought my voice is natural more sharp but not dei ba. Hm...


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