Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mother's Day 06

Mother's Day is celebrated as usual but we din get to eat at mom's pick cos that particular restaurant was jammed packed. Yeah... Our fault for not booking in advance. Anyway, I drove them down to MacPherson to ta bao!
The parking was outrageous (at least to a newb like me).

Anyway, here's our spread on the floor! LOL~~
From top left anticlockwise: Lalas, Ostrich Meat (My first time and its nice!), Chilli Kang Kong and Oats Prawns.
Din get to ta bao the seafood from the most patronised stall cos it was too long a queue. -.-" Will promise to take revenge the next time.

Well, Cai din wanna lose out so he gets his place near us.

Our first ever Mother's day cake!!! Cos mom bakes great cakes herself so this is the first time we got her a cake from Bengawan Solo. Yum!!! Choc Banana - their latest flavour. Tasted better ones actually but this one can do.

As usual, we got mom her bouquet of flowers.



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