Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Trying for thy self

I will and I must.

No point harping on loses, living in thy regrets and lamenting on unfairness.
They say time is the best indicator. It tells the strength of relationships, tests the endurance of man, trials the ups and downs before one reaches his/her final destination.

Perhaps afterall, the aries in me isn't like its supposed to be - Embrace change.
For one, I'm lazy. Once in a comfortable position, I suddenly feel like a fat pig refusing to bulge from its resting stance. Take for instance my job, its getting me nowhere. In fact that fire in me to take my career to greater heights have never really ignite to its full potential. Heck those fortune tellers who constantly tells me that I'll do great in this area, have lotsa opportunities and 大作为. Opportunities do come knocking at your door, but one has to learn to see it and grab it in time. If not, once it turns its back on you, it will never to look back. Maybe there were once many windows of opportunities but I failed to see them. Well well... My job is really getting too comfortable at times that I wonder if it's time to rethink and reset my goals. It doesn't help that my dear uncle and mom keeps telling me how I should not have stayed thus long in my field and to seek better pastures. "It's the cow in me.." I would push blame to.

So where do I get on from here... hm... thought provoking.


WaiTee said...

The more you should read Anthony Robbins Awaken the Giant within.

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