Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Can grow up?

Pek Chek. Dunno how the hell this person got my msn email addr and added me. Tot it could be my cousin cos of the year and surname indicated on the other party's email. Only did he intro did I realise it wasn't so. Sorry if I generalise here. Just cant help but think that many guys dun seem to act their age... This guy on msn tried so many times to hit on me even though I expressed non interest in continuing the conversation and told him I'm an old auntie liao. Kept asking where I live, what's my age etc... Being polite initially, I mentioned that I was busy and he continues to send many nudges.

HELL!!! You understand it when someone says she's busy not! 21 years old k. He could jolly well fit into age 15 category. Incessant questioning, self-introductions only rendered a more irritated avril. Well you can guess, within the next few seconds, he is off my list. Damn! Act 21 la!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Breed-specific legislation - PUNSH THE DEED NOT THE BREED

Sometimes as humans, we think too highly of ourselves.

We try to play God.

"Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is spreading like a cancer from one community to the next in some parts of the world. Denver, Miami and the Canadian province of Ontario are forcing residents to hand over their beloved and innocent family members for unjustified euthanasia, else they must move from their homes...or stay to become criminals to protect the ones they love. Oklahoma, California, and other locales are currently considering similar breed specific bans and/or discrimination. In response, guardians of Pit Bulls, American Staffordshire Terriers, Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Chows, and more, have posted their feelings to the website,, in protest of the slaughter of innocent dogs and the unconstitutional laws destroying their families."

This law, authored by Senator Jackie Speier and Noreen Evans, allows counties to target dogs based, not on their actions, but their breed.

You don't even need to guess. I got super sad upon reading this. I never once find any of these furballs ugly. So what if they are anyway! No one has the right to take lives except god himself. And if you think you are any better than these dogs, think twice. It's always unfair that the uglier breeds gets discriminated. That doesn't mean that they are in any sense less abled to love than others. The video clips below arose from protests all over regarding this new legislation to cull pittbulls especially... Yes they do have a reputation for being a ferocious breed. It's a totally wrong impression. Pitbulls can be as docile and as loving as any other breeds. Who is to cause that monsterous behaviour in them? Very simple, their owners - irresponsible and cruel humans who ill treats them. Any dog has a chance to become ferocious if they feel very threatened. Even cai starts to get defensive and growls when he feels that way. Some people just ought to be ashamed of themselves for that kinda discrimination! Humpf! Angry!!!!!

Breedism!!!! It's tantamount to killing an entire race cos of a few black sheeps...

I like this quote by Mahatma Gandhi

"A greatness of a nation and it's moral progres can be judged by the way it's animals are treated"

So how do you judge yourself?

Thursday, June 22, 2006

I knew it...

See la.. I knew having a car will start to pose problems de lor... Should have totally condemned the idea of getting one when mom proposed to. The high cost of maintenance will soon take away my social life, drain up my financial asset & increase arguments on how the car is to be used. Afterall, only me and bro are licensed.

Talking about the cost of maintenance can kill already. Firstly, the immediate effect would be the seasonal carparking fees not only at our HDB carpark but possibly NTU as well!!!!!! NTU is gonna implement the stupid electronic charge system to all open carparks! Hell!!!!!! They used to be FREE lor! Checking the website for seasonal parking in closed carparks is like 90/mth lor!!! Imagine that to apply to open carparks soon -.-" And what's more the price is applicable to NTU staff... I'm not considered their staff so do I pay even more??? Man... What a headache. In that case, wouldn't I have to handle both parkings??? Wah liew.... As if I earn millions like dat. I dun even wanna think about the petrol cost, annual insurance and road tax.... Too sian to even try to calculate.

Just feeling peeved that we have to land ourselves in more debt when we did not even ask for a car in the first place. Man... Life's just gonna be hell soon.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Life's the double edge sword

Talked to GF online not long ago. Was discussing BM's latest post and the topic digressed into that of how people will be happier if they are contented with their lives and not expect too much. Like how women nowadays tend to expect so much more. If I were to be a lowly educated and paid girl working in factory, then perhaps I wouldn't think too much except how I could get hitched and marry and give birth.

GF mentioned "life is full of hope n challenges, not everyone wans to live a simple n meaningless life, but as long u dun 对不起 yourself it's ok" But how do one draw the line if you are doing something that you think is 对得起 for yourself? Everyone is suppose to determine his or herself their own level. Somehow I thought I lacked it.

To GF, he thinks most people just avoids it. Cause u set it, u should have a strong duty and responsiblity to live by it. Which perhaps is too tough for some people to cope and thus causing them to break down. To him it's simply means the commitment everyone sets to oneself. Perhaps I'm still shallow cos I still cannot really comprehend totally as yet or I have never really determine what are the things I should do to 对得起自己.

I questioned him to ask if a person's commitment to himself is to stay happy but yet at the same time, it will cause unhappines to others, will that 对得起自己. This is the analogy he gave: everything in life, there's pros n cons

u take something, u give something
if u take a seat on a bus, u deprive others a seat
u breathe in oxygen, u reduce oxgyen for others
everything in life is an double edge sword
hence u got to make the necessary moderation

Okay... Quite a handful to digest. I shall mull over that! =P

So smart~

Just saw a newspaper article of a doggie saving her master from a seizure by dialing 911. She can even detect her owner's blood pressure and give warnings. How smart is that! Think she is dued to receive some award for her act. Man... Animals can be so amazing at times. =)
Of cos, cai's amazing as well! =P

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

That lack of energy

Already feeling a little low. Dun have the energy to go cheer another up. Think it's time to take time out and fade into a recluse for a while at least. Homeward bound that's where I shall head.

Monday, June 19, 2006

CommunicAsia 2006

Another round of Exhibition at the Singapore Expo. Introducing CommunicAsia2006 where global players congregate. Though my company is exhibiting a small demo there, it seems to be quite a major event with over 1400 companies hailing from 50 countries and taking up 6 exhibition halls. Time to pack!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So You Think You Can Dance?

They surely can. Love this pair at it.

I can but not like Ashle and Blake... Sadly 10 years of dance will not bring me into such a competition. Lol~~!


All that Samba!

I love waltz....

Dream Dream Go Away

Dream Dream go away
Come again another day
Dream Dream go away
Little Avril wanna SLEEP~~!

Aiyo.. Another round of weird dreams plaguing the night. Cant recall them again but I woke up feeling a slight startle. Wonder what's with my mind these few nights. Purging out useless thoughts?

~Come back my dreamless nights~

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Been having weird dreams consecutively for the last 3 days. I thought taking regular medication will aid in better night rest. They are weird as in the least expected people turn up in it and weird scenarios happen. Thankfully, I do not wake up feeling drained like before. Guess medication still works.

Sianz... I forgot to bring medicine to work today!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Situational Moods

As expected, cai's reaction to strangers and outsiders is a simple yet loud bark down. So unless you are brave and strong hearted, you can forget about visiting our house. Anyway, cai uses this method to test newcomers to see if they are afraid of him. Once he establishes that the outsider is not afraid he will start to warm up to him/her. On the contrary if one shows signs of fear, he/she will get bullied by him cos that's where he will continually try to jump on him/her.

Bro's friends came over this afternoon to play majong. Wasn't home but guessed cai must have given them a huge "reception". He sure is one funny dog la. According to bro, each guest were given some treats and were taught to make cai do tricks with them. Being too treat-oriented, cai displayed his best behaviour and did all that was told very obediently. But once treat time was over, he went back to his notti self. Anyone that stood up or moved his/her chair a little will receive barks from him. He's like the commanding officer telling them to sit in place and not try to be funny. Man...

Anyway, guessed cai does bring some luck afterall yah. Was also playing majong yesterday and I won for the first time after I made cai sit with me. It was a 自摸 somemore with cai accidentally shifting one of the winning tile pattern that I was to pick. And bro did his "career" best when he made a 9 台 (tai) with cai on his lap today.

Operation Hong Kong 26-29 May

Finally... A real chore to upload these HK trip picts (not the full set still).
Well.. A picture paints a thousand words so I shall add more picts and text less. In fact, I'm just plain lazy la k. =P

Day 1
Our first stop is none other than the Hong Kong International Airport. Not as impressive as Changi Airport, but structurally pleasant.

One drawback though. The ceiling seems to be made up of part glass part opaque material. Nice it may be for the design but sunlight does get in lor...!

Anyway, we were stalled at the airport for almost more than an hour waiting for the transfer by the tour agency to our hotel (Dorsett Seaview Hotel located at the Kowloon Peninsula). Man... First trip to HK and definitely I was getting that impatient bug. *Embarrased* was feeling alittle irritable though ya... On the way to our hotel, I took chance to take some shots of cos. Fine weather! A great start yah. Before long, my frustrations subside and I was able to start enjoying!

Streets of Hong Kong

Upon unpacking the luggage, we were near dinner time. So the four musketeers took to the streets and admire the night life in HK. Our first stop was Mong Kok (旺角). Look at all these above head signboards. So darn retro yet cool. A pity that we dun get such sights in SG. Correct me if I'm wrong. =P
Well, GF was wondering what I was giggling at when I pointed out the streets' names. Interesting Street Names after vegetables and food stuff. Wah... Increase my hunger pang only.

If I did not remember wrongly, we had our dinner somewhere nearby before we headed towards Tsim Sha Tsui. Dinner was a simple fare (had Wanton Noodles) cos being not very canto oriented, we were a little awkward initially. Anyway, our agenda was really to walk and look around first.

Day 2
The tour agency provided us with a half-day tour. So breakfast in the morning was Dim Sum! Yeah! Finally some authentic HK Dim Sum!!! Or so I thought. We were taken to a restaurant called 海天 (Sea Heaven) at Hong Kong Island.

Eh... I dunno what this is called but I have had similar ones in SG before.

Up next were a few trays of Cha siew buns, Corn cakes, Har Gao (prawn dumplings).

Then the usual Siew mais, Pork dish (排骨肉)
Overall, I would have rated breakfast as normal. Maybe my expectations were too high yah. I have had better ones in SG before. Nevertheless still good enough.

Say cheese Amy and Donny!

Me and GF cant wait to leave our mark at the restaurant as well.

Next up on the iternary was towards the Taiping Mountain. I should say the weather din make things easier for us . Anyway, we had to stop at the midway point cos getting to the top would take like 3 hrs... From the bus's window, you see raindrops obscuring our views...

By the time we stepped out, it was starting to rain like anything. Well, a test of photography skills ya. Thankfully, we still had some nice shots.

We got slightly wet while trying to take this picture. Notice the theme of the day was pink? lolz.

As our bus took us downhill, our tour guide Mr Peter Lee pointed out to us to look at a interesting hill sight. This hill is special cos it resembles a sleeping dragon. Circled in the picture is its eyes and nostrils.

And according to him, 2 houses on the hill belongs to Jackie Chan (top circled) and Tony Leung and his girlfriend (lower circled). Jackie's house supposedly was one of the best positions in Feng Shui methodology cos it's situated directly at the dragon's head. And HK's top few tycoons supposedly have their houses build there as well.

Off to a temple nearer to the lower hillside.

Huge statue of Goddess of Mercy.

Time to leave our marks and strike poses again.

Along our way towards Aberdeen, I spotted the Singapore International School. You can imagine how excited I got. According to the tour guide, it's considered one of the prestige schools and one definitely has to pay alot to study there.

Aberdeen we went to explore the earlier origins of HK or residents living on water (水上人家 or 原族民).

Patiently awaiting our turn.

Old bum boats.

Residents preparing for the Dragon Boat Festival.

Cool restaurant above waters. Heard its darn expensive though.

Enjoying the breeze!

And it was lunch after that. Our final complementary tour stop.

Given no time to lose, we headed towards the Tsim Sha Tsui area wanting to visit the Hong Kong Space Museum, Arena of Stars and the Clock Tower. Cant help but wanna take some shots of Victoria Bay first.

The famous clock tower. Erm... Am not sure of its origin nor its significance though Bleh!

GF challenges the clock tower to a height contest.

As photography wasn't allowed in the Space museum, I regret to not being able to post pictures inside. Was fun though learning new facts about space. In fact, I had wanted to be an astronomer before when I was younger cos I am always so fascinated by stars and planets. Well well.. Lol. They had a simulated space walk which I was alittle embarrased to try.

Back at Victoria Bay heading to the Arena of stars. One can't help but take a few more pictures yah. The tallest building looks like a shaver.

Night Scene at Victoria Bay Arena of Stars.

New director on board.

The main focus of this picture was really that oversized statue of Bruce Lee.

Simple yet cool breakfast of hot bean curd, soy bean milk, dough sticks and porridge.

And off to Ngong Ping, Lantau Island to visit the world's tallest outdoor seated bronze Tian Tan Buddha. I must say that the MTR system in Hong Kong is really fast. It got us to our destination MTR stop really fast. Well, from there, we experienced one of our worst bus rides (approx 45 mins) from the station to our destination. One round of bridge and we conceded defeat from nauseous.

One of the main attractions of this Buddha relic is the climb up 268 steps and circling the platform (the lotus) where the Buddha sits. Much to our disappointment, thick fog came in (I guesed it must be the clouds) and masked our view....

Alas! I cant see the Buddha!!!! Kaoz.... Really would love to 一睹他的风采.

This is how the buddha should look in a fine day!

As it was raining pretty heavily, we were forced to purchase ponchos. I swear I was to the point of shivering.

Seeking warmth from engines in the back engine room! lol~~

With HK$60, we get to visit relics residing inside the buddha and a vegetarian meal included at the Po Lin Monastry. Erm... was initially anticipating looking at the Sharira of buddha but what we got to see was some urn holding it... Anyway, the vegetarian meal provided was really good but a tad too much.

The fog cleared quite alot while we were at Po Lin monastry. That lifted my spirits and I thought we could go back and take a better shot of the Buddha.

But as we were leaving... The fog came in again!!!!

K lor... Reduced to taking pictures near the gigantic urn.

A test to see how foggy it was. Believe me, we probably get lost if we had stuck to the original idea of walking the wisdom path.

Off to the famous Huang Da Xian temple. Was getting really late by the time we got there so we didn't get to see the so called famous fortune tellers.

This must be the wishing section. Was unsure what to do when we overheard a tour guide telling her group to walk 3 rounds clockwise and 3 rounds anticlockwise to ride ill luck. For the chinese who believe in Tai Sui (太岁) and those whose years happen to clash with it (犯太岁) doing the walk around will alleviate the matter.
My first ever pigeon tasted for dinner that night at Kowloon City. Quite costly cos we opted for a restaurant.

Was getting really late and tired when we decided we should try taking the small mini buses since we had tried practically most of HK's public transport. Interesting experience cos you can simply just flag them down from anywhere at a flat rate of HK$6.

Look at their assortment of finger food at the roadside stalls! Yumz!

Smelly beancurd at Sai Yeong Chai Street1
As expected, we were all dead beat by the time we got back to our hotel after another round of shopping at Mong Kok.

Day 4
Another round of authentic HK dim sum. Not bad at all and most importantly, the price was reasonable for a restaurant.

We splitted ways after breakfast cos was really running out of time for last min shopping. Well, before that, Gf and I had to really stop to try out at HK's famous desert stall.

After a heavy round of shopping, me and Gf lunched at one of the famous roadstalls to try out 车仔面 or Yong Dao Hu Hong Kong Style.
Darn yummy k!!!!!!! Though it was like around SGD10 per bowl but darn value for money ok. The ingredients were fantastic! I shall let the pictures explain themselves.

There! Remember to visit this place if you ever go to Mong Kok yah. Highly recommended.
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