Wednesday, September 27, 2006


A conversation with a net friend M of many years:

M: how many years did u receive education
M: from 7 till 21 right ?
Me: Around there
M: how many years did you train yourself on love matters
Me: in jc, there were crushes
Me: first relationship during uni
M: nah thats puppy
M: i know of many ppl who got married and unhappy of that but they have to live with it
M: maybe you dunno what you want tat's why you are unstable
Me: how do you know what you want?

M is 38 and a divorcee. He has met and experienced more than me. Though he gave much practical advices, matters of the heart is always complicated when you are in it.

M: trust me, I have been through all that you have. It's always devastating when you have to hurt someone whom you have loved and loved you.
Me: I must be mentally weak.
M: i dun think u are weak
M: on the contrary, i thot u are strong in mind
M: just diff to decide
M: maybe weak in heart

Be neutral was the conclusion he offered. Cos that's when I will really know what I want. Time will take away the pain that I was fighting to remove. Weak in mind or heart? Perhaps he's right.


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