Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Hand Foot Mouth

Back home from aunt's house cos ah ma's currently resting there after her discharge. Ting was just recovering from fever as well. Aunt must be pretty tired taking care of the both of them.

Was having dinner together when I noticed a slight rash on Ting's hands. I must really belong to the group of paranoids cos I started to look at her feet as well. Goodness... there were rashes there as well. Warned aunt the possibility of Hand Foot Mouth cos Ting has ulcers in her mouth too.

While we rested when gram, aunt hurriedly took Ting to see a doc. It turn out that our worries were right. Doc also suspected HFM and Ting is now put on antibiotics.

Had to take a thorough shower upon reaching home. Already am feeling unwell when I went over. The whole day long, I was feeling feverish. My voice is losing and the phelgm's building up. I guess my immunity system is weak right now. If HFM were to find its way near me, I will be so darn weak and ill.

Keeping my fingers cross...


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