Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In search of Da Babe

This voice sounds vaguely familiar. Do remember a lecturer sharing similar comments before during lecture.
Could it be someone from SCE?
Lets see:
1) LT 23
2) Probably Indian Lecturer from his accent
3) Someone with moustache and bald head

Potential Candidates and those whom have taught my batch:
1) Sabu Emmanuel
2) Amitabha Das
3) Benjamin Premkumar

My best bet would be our dear Mr. Sabu Emmanuel. Voice fits, baldness fits, moustache fits. I'm reserving my comments regarding the sexy part ya.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

What's so convenient about it

When the physical object is only taking its place in your bag yet not at your beck and call unless you have done enough in other people's opinion.

Where's that logic?

You are in the wrong when:
You keep having to change plans to send people to and fro the hospital without complains.
For always hogging the car when its not for your own purpose.
For using the car when you finally could squeeze time for yourself after fulfilling your responsibilities.

When it is your duty to ferry your elders, you don't complain about the petrol using up like as though it is dirt. Nevermind the fact that you are already taken to be the chauffeur naturally and giving up your own time. Who the hell in this world wouldn't get pissed hearing someone say that they dun see the need to pay when they dun have the so called "right" to the car after using it for their OWN purpose. That's just so convenient. I wish I could use that cos at least half of the petrol used is NOT for myself if you really want to be calculative.

Given 2 choices:
1) Having the car most of the time cos you need to ferry people around.
2) Paying to drive only when the car's available.
Which category would you prefer?

If you can fulfill the car owner's request of going to places at the expense of your own leisure time. Spend the entire saturday away not doing your own stuff. Taking time off to make sure the car gets serviced and be constantly alert to do so since the rest don't care (Nevermind the fact that you get blamed for not updating them). Paying for all the petrol expenses of ferrying. Yes. By all means, relinguish me of those duties so that I can have more time for myself and only paying when I need to. I thank you.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Hair's not very healthy but good enough for me.
Shot taken at the courtesy of chao's new canon camera.

Been a hectic week with work and shuttling to and fro the hospital. Terribly in need of rest.

Monday, October 09, 2006


By the sight of a stray dog lying in the middle of a fast moving traffic. The good thing is that all vehicles stopped to avoid it. Bad thing is that I couldn't stop in time in the next lane and was sending my sis to school. Dunno why but felt so bothered after that cos in my mind, that dog could still be alive. If no one bothers to carry it to the roadside, it may die if negligent car drivers just drive over it again.

That idiot that ran over it. Should at least stopped and remove it from the road right. Was still disturbed when we reach NTU. Decided that I should turn tail to check if it's still there. Was hoping that some kind samaritan had already reached it and moved it to the roadside or sent it to the hospital. Was wondering what I should do if I managed to get back and it is still there. All the what ifs started to cross my mind. What if it's still alive? Am I able to handle and carry it? Which vet opens this early in the morning? What if it's dead? Will I have the guts to carry it? Should I just leave it by the roadside or take him to the hospital to be cremated?

By the time I exited the expressway, I have already made up my mind that if it's still there, I will simply bring it to the nearest vet be it dead or alive though I was feeling really scared myself. But thankfully, someone had already either shifted it or taken it for help when I went to the exact spot to scrutinize. There was no body on neither the road nor side. Some kind soul must have brought it to the hospital.

Though it feels really silly and stupid to be turning back to check on a possibly dead animal, but guess I just had to to put my heart at ease. Knew that something like this would happen at the mandai stretch. Had spotted many strays in that area and many a times I had to slow down my car on the rightmost lane to honk when they tried to step out. Haiz...

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Think I had fever yesterday night, all from the tightening of my braces.
Couldn't sleep well at all cos I kept waking up and feeling the pain.

Anyway, took cai to bishan park this morning for his sunday walk and there was some spca event as well. Saw Dr. Cheryl Tay giving a talk on pet care. Much prettier in real person than on tv. A pity I had no camera with me.... Think I spotted this other model turned tv actor as well that got much coverage recently.

Met cherrie in the late afternoon to pray and to get our hair done. Finally got my curls which I tot will make me look old. Maybe I looked abit more mature but am overall happy with the effect. Hairstylist's effort.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Current PSI standing is 143. Great... The car has just been washed, waxed and polished. The haze isn't helping.

Just had my cheeky tooth braced up. Just one word - PAIN.
The rest of my teeth has been subjected to numerous tightening and shifting so they dun hurt as much as the first few times. But this is my cheeky tooth's virgin bracing and it sure reminds me of my first bracing experience. Having a migraine coming and yet I dun wanna depend on painkillers.
Sometimes physical pain doesn't hurt as much as the other kind. Blah.

Will be heading out with cherrie to treat our hair. If the weather is better and I can bother to wake up, shall take cai to the parks for a long deserved walk.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Lacking Energy To

Short Term Goals:
  1. Wash the car
  2. Wax and polish the car
  3. Clean up my room
  4. Exercise
  5. Shop
  6. Go Guan Yin temple
Long Term Goals:
  1. Setting up own biz
  2. Seeking own dream
I'm but a lost soul in some sense. Not lifeless yet limp. Wanting to do something with life and yet lazy. Finding that drive and zest for life again is seemingly difficult.
Making content with what I have now seems like a easy option. lol

Sunday, October 01, 2006


I've lost weight!!! And below that 40 mark somemore.... Wah pengz... that's like losing 5kg. Trying hard to gain weight on one hand and yet constantly losing appetite on the other. I ain't want to start vanishing into the thin air...
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