Wednesday, October 25, 2006

In search of Da Babe

This voice sounds vaguely familiar. Do remember a lecturer sharing similar comments before during lecture.
Could it be someone from SCE?
Lets see:
1) LT 23
2) Probably Indian Lecturer from his accent
3) Someone with moustache and bald head

Potential Candidates and those whom have taught my batch:
1) Sabu Emmanuel
2) Amitabha Das
3) Benjamin Premkumar

My best bet would be our dear Mr. Sabu Emmanuel. Voice fits, baldness fits, moustache fits. I'm reserving my comments regarding the sexy part ya.


ouchie said...

eh... this guy is from EEE.... he used to lecture me for a couple of my modules...

avril said...

lol. yeah man. someone just told me that too. paiseh man. Anyway, it was a guess on my part only. Thanks!

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