Saturday, October 21, 2006

Where's that logic?

You are in the wrong when:
You keep having to change plans to send people to and fro the hospital without complains.
For always hogging the car when its not for your own purpose.
For using the car when you finally could squeeze time for yourself after fulfilling your responsibilities.

When it is your duty to ferry your elders, you don't complain about the petrol using up like as though it is dirt. Nevermind the fact that you are already taken to be the chauffeur naturally and giving up your own time. Who the hell in this world wouldn't get pissed hearing someone say that they dun see the need to pay when they dun have the so called "right" to the car after using it for their OWN purpose. That's just so convenient. I wish I could use that cos at least half of the petrol used is NOT for myself if you really want to be calculative.

Given 2 choices:
1) Having the car most of the time cos you need to ferry people around.
2) Paying to drive only when the car's available.
Which category would you prefer?

If you can fulfill the car owner's request of going to places at the expense of your own leisure time. Spend the entire saturday away not doing your own stuff. Taking time off to make sure the car gets serviced and be constantly alert to do so since the rest don't care (Nevermind the fact that you get blamed for not updating them). Paying for all the petrol expenses of ferrying. Yes. By all means, relinguish me of those duties so that I can have more time for myself and only paying when I need to. I thank you.


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