Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Hm... some people just wanna pick up a fight. Our entire family was walking to northpoint this evening when we encounter this middle age malay man. He saw cai from afar le and purposely walked into his path. Bro was holding the leash at that point and we weren't really half expecting cai to do anything silly. We stayed to the side and that man actually tried to squeeze pass cai's side. Given the close proximity, cai was defensive cos that man jerked his legs at him. He started to snarl and bark at him. At that instant, the man started shouting loudly at my bro "U take care of your dog". Despite me and mom apologising, he went on hurling the same thing very loudly and looked like he wanted to start a fight anytime.

Piangz.. Coming to think about it after that, we think he was doing it out of purpose. We had already walked to a side le and he chose to come near the dog.... And dad says he was drunk. Wah liew... I dun understand why some people enjoying starting a fight at all.


Very tired... Went to East coast parkway after going to the temple. We end up staying there longer than expected. Cai got all wet when we all ran along the coast line. Think he still has phobia of the sea. We all got pretty red in the sun. Now I'm just so tired... playing chauffeur for family is no joke.

Monday, January 30, 2006


At Sembawang Park.

Dad takes the leash.

Having stay near this area for so song, this is only the 3rd time I've been here.

With so many shops closed, people are flocking to parks and beaches.

Cai still cant get used to the sand. Keep getting them up this nose.

Now dad knows how hard it is to control this little monster.


By holiday standards, waking up at 9am is pretty early le. Since I'm the only driver, I will be the family chauffeur for the entire week. Woke up early to drive mom to the cold storage and to get breakfast for the rest. Very jia lat. My parking still sucks! Haiz.. To think that I parked pretty well last year lor. Used to park at one go. Now I have to continue navigating front and back to get it right. Paiseh...

While mom did her shopping, I took cai to the dam again. Though it was around 11am, the sun wasn't as hot as we anticipated and the breeze was real cool! We practically ran from one end to the other.

The side road at Yishun Dam

The long stretch

The sea

Cai surveying the place.

Enjoying the sea breeze.

Cai checking out the rocks

The day at Upper Pierce. Bro took to the high latches.

The slope running towards Lower Pierce.

Me and sis on the first day of the new year.

Cai and me~!

Fiona in her nice get up.


Bro in the front passenger seat.

My messy room ~ Packing in progress.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Chinese New Year Eve

Was our little cousin's birthday as well. Love that mango cake. It was yummy. He's also a young uncle le wo.

See! This is our ke ai de niece. Was a little worried to carry her small little frame. But this little imp can really grasp your finger hard.

Driving Scare

Had a little scare on the road just now. Was driving along Yishun ave 5 when this stupid bicycle dashed out into the mid lane and SLOWED DOWN... Kaoz.. it was so sudden tat I had to jam brake and honk him. Wah piangs... had I hit him and his lady friend, then it will be my fault no matter wat.. Then I realised it was a china guy.. Too used to be riding in china le ma that he took for granted that the situation is similar here? Fancy a small bicycle taking the entire mid lane... Bo zheng hu le..

Saturday, January 28, 2006


财回来了. 应该玩得太累了, 在车上呼呼大睡. 在它小小的世界里, 应该只有简简单单的爱, 快乐, 无聊和肚子饿吧, 所以看着它也会觉得幸福. 新年快乐...

On Driving

Already feeling a little tired. Woke up darn early to collect the rented Ford. Sad.. its a dark green one (Something light colour will be good) but okay la, mai hiam buai pai. Since its an auto transmission, I was much more relaxed. Mom almost wanted me to drive to Rochor... Luckily the guy she was looking for was not available. Imagine having to drive to the CBD after 1 year of non-driving and plus my lousy sense of direction. STRESSED.

From the car rental place, we drove to Serangoon Gardens to have lunch, followed by a short walk at Upper Pierce Reservoir, to the market then back home. Like dat I'm already feeling tired le. *Salutez* to the cabbies. I wonder how I manage to "tong" the last 2 cny years.


幸福只在一念之间. 只是看一个人愿不愿去接受. 会有人拒绝的吗?

Friday, January 27, 2006

Forgotten prayers

I realised that I always forget to pray for myself....

Friend: U go pray anot?
Me: As long I'm nearby or some special occasion lor.
Friend: What u pray for?
Me: 爱我, 疼我, 关心我的人开心, 健康和幸福. 我爱和关心的人开心, 健康和幸福.
Friend: Then for yourself?
Me:... (shit.. I always forget)

Maybe that's why 神明 dun particularly 眷顾 me...


I realised that I dun have a handsfree set for my handphone. Will be driving my week away.. Wun be able to pick up calls as I like unless I stop the car at the road side but that's so lame. I dun even know wat the compatible handsfree looks like even. Talk about being resourceful, I'm a total idiot.


会不会对于某些事物已经不敢再碰或不敢再因此而快乐起来? 人的思维往往会有些怪异. 对于一些常人会觉得过分的举动, 竟然好不介意. 自己应该是在发疯期.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

爱一直闪亮 - 罗美玲





Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mayday Boom

Booming Mayday in office now that there's no one here. Their songs always make one happier. So good to have them. Gonna listen to the entire concert before I leave ba.

Bangz Head

I wonder how long more till I really start banging my head in boss's office. Not that the rest are having it fine either la, but crappy to be given work that you never really got in touch before right. Suddenly, I'm Miss Miscellaneous. Too much things to do means I cant complete them in time. Everytime I try focusing on something, someone or something will come up to disrupt. Phew..
There are students waiting for me to guide, students asking questions that I have no answers to, misc "urgent" tasks (This person and that person all saying that it's urgent), database integration, website content, hardware setup (<--- I'm an idiot at this), animation, model library clean up, program set up for students and a computer threatening to crash anytime. I realised it must be my retribution for being a 可恶的人.

I'm sorry.... U know who you are (If you read me). I owe you more than just this simple apology... Not getting it any better myself.... Haiz..

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Amidst the current situation, I supposed the CPU fan's about to turn its back on me too. Like me, it must have been too much for the computer to be out of its comfort zone too. Had to shift it into the lab for a demo for a group of NUS students (Hm.. met someone from the same Junior College as me though I dun rem le). After shifting it back to place, it protested with a message on screen saying that "CPU1 fan failed". Sian... Restarted it again and got this message "Previous fan failure". Being a hardware idiot I was, I had to seek Adrian's help to take a look.
CPU fan's speed = 102RPM....... <----slow
Haiz.. Big hastle to contact our pc suppliers to seek more assistance.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

我怎么会是这样.. 我连自己都搞不清楚了.
今天和朋友出门散心, 她哭了, 我安慰.
她: 你很坚强.
我: ......
她: 你没哭

Hm.. steer clear from me in case u kena my poison..

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ear's been achy for a week le. Though better, still achy. Lets see how it goes.
Seems like a normal day's end at Canteen A's bus stop.
There's a line up of 179s... 原来 the first bus had stalled and was blocking the traffic

Despite attempts to move the first bus, it wouldn't bulge.. So the next thing was really to try and squeeze through yah. The second bus came very very close lor... There were people at every angle trying to give signals... Eh.. Not like it really helped the driver to see so many hands waving him to go on. On a slope somemore...

Finally, it went through! The 3rd bus have to follow the set record le. hiak hiak hiak

Friday, January 20, 2006



一句话.. 完蛋!
A colleague suddenly popped in to say if demos can be shown locally to visitors that have already arrived! Best le lor.. So last min de. My desk's in a mess, our entire office is full of makans. We had only 5 mins to clear everything! Plus I had to launch the demo on my comp... Luckily I backup-ed the demo onto my local disc... if not I'm sure dead de. Actually my job also pretty exciting afterall lor with all these sudden actions needed. =P

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Some random picts:

Cai's beautiful work of art on my thigh. He was trying to snatch his toy from me. Dashed off my legs too fast..... Parallel lines pretty hor...
Taken with the hp camera at the Reality Theatre. Supposed to do demos there but how the hell do I have such luxury to do so? Long story this one....

Mr yellow duckie sits on the left of my screen.

The Smorking Labbit to the right.
Overhead dialogue between 2 professors:

Prof 1: I was just asking this xx company the other day. When you shoot your satellite up in space, do you have any form of collision prevention with the rest of the objects in space? They say "Well, Potluck! " Isn't it amazing?

Prof 2: With almost 30k space rubbish out there, it seems like earth's safer now.

Prof 1: lol. Amazing these people.The lifespan of the satellite could be simply 3 years and after that, they do nothing to it. The whole space is just getting over populated.
真的很不能够理解. 终于看到了人与人之间的明争暗斗, 所谓的大鱼吃小鱼.
虽说不是完全的争权夺利, 但也是差不多这个样. 由于是工作性质, 也不方便透露太多. 以一个旁观者的角度来看, 我只能说自己对一些人的作风有点反感.
Everything seems to be going wrong.. Ah Heck! Yesterday's class seemed to be a test for me. A test of my endurance towards horrid flamings. Sorry to say tat though lao shi was harsh, he din get to taste the sweetness of seeing me crumble. Was initially feeling gek and all that, but soon after I became super undaunted. Flame me all you want la, it didnt bother me that much le. U want to test my ability to receive ur hurls then I'm more than gamed to take you on. BLEH! At the same time, I've already channelled my grievences else where le! Muahahahaha

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The entire family was watching tv one evening when we decided that we would all play with cai. At the count of 3, we 配合 and clapped simultaneously. That got that little imp real excited and started hopping from one to another. He enjoys having such grand audiences and attention.

Cai cai's really a joy when you need him to be. Was trying to cheoreograph a dance for my lesson and he had to play a part in joining in. He will hop around me in circles as I was trying out some moves. So cute but very distracting. I end up playing with him instead.

Was feeling sian and off these days ma. This little boy sure knows how to make my day. At times like this, he will have sudden outbursts of affection. He will suddenly get very joyful and excitedly leap and bound onto me, giving full smacks on the cheeks (reminding me that there's still him around). U cant not smile at that little antic of his.
Saving little "Private" Ryan..

He's name's ryan. The only surviving member of the whole sibling pack. He's gor gor, jie jies have all been caught. Anyone wanna take him home?

Ryan at 12 days:

2 weeks old ryan:

Ryan at 17 days:

21/23 days old:

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

If not for the fact that we have important visitors this week, I would have gladly taken some off... Not that I'm feeling lazy or that I yearn for more holidays la.... Aiz.. Mentally exhausted.
How far would you go for your dog?

A very classic example of total devotion...
Ms Nelly Yeo, 40.
Taken from news:

She started doing this six months ago. She has given up sleeping in her comfy three-room HDB flat in Boon Lay to spend her nights in a partially-used building just so that she can keep her dog company.

She says it's a small sacrifice to pay for the love she has for her pet, which she refers to as her 'son' - a 7-year-old mongrel called Star.

She has no choice, really. Ms Yeo, who is single, was fined $50 for keeping an unauthorised breed in an HDB flat at the end of 2004.

Ms Yeo, who bought her flat in September 2000, has been living on her own for almost 20 years and is not close to her family.

In 2001, she was told by the authorities that her neighbours had complained about her dog.

She then put Star in a Pasir Ris pet farm and visited him every day.

Eventually, she decided to give up her security-guard job, which had paid her $1,000 a month, to work at the farm.

'I wanted to stay overnight but only staff members could do that, so I decided to work there. I got free board for Star, and I was paid $650 a month at first. But later I only got $5 a day for meals because business was affected by the Sars outbreak,' said Ms Yeo.

She put up with the low pay to be with Star, but had to stop work after injuring her back in a fall in 2003.

Ms Yeo volunteered to work in two animal welfare shelters in exchange for Star's accommodation, but after a few months, her back hurt too much and she had to stay home to rest.

She took Star back to her Boon Lay flat at the end of 2004.

That was when she was fined and warned by AVA officials to keep Star elsewhere, otherwise he would be confiscated and sent to the pound.

Desperate, she said she borrowed $1,000 from a loan shark to help pay the rent for a private apartment in Kovan.

For about six months, Ms Yeo lived there with Star but when her money ran out, she and her dog were evicted.

The pair took to the streets and started sleeping at MRT stations and public parks since the middle of last year.

Ms Yeo said she was chased away from these places by the authorities. She eventually found shelter in the staircase landing of a Boon Lay building.


A passer-by, Ms Maggie Tan, called The New Paper hotline after seeing her asleep there.

'She's there almost the whole day except when she buys food for the dog. She seems to have given up her life for her dog.

'She goes home to shower and keeps her things in the flat, but spends nights outside. It's quite sad and I do worry for her well-being,' said Ms Tan, 48.

But Ms Yeo, now jobless, is not daunted by the hardship of her life outdoors.

'Once there were some foreign workers who kept looking at me and Star. I was so scared I couldn't sleep, although Star made sure they didn't come near me,' she recalled.

She doesn't face such problems now as she sleeps in the day and walks Star at night.

Ms Yeo now survives on the $500 monthly rent from tenants in her three-room flat.

When The New Paper on Sunday visited her in the Boon Lay building earlier this week, we found it clean and tidy. There was a mat, a windbreaker, some food and water for Star, and some mosquito coils.

Ms Yeo said she got Star as a puppy in 1999. His mother was a stray which gave birth to six puppies in a Paya Lebar canal. She abandoned them there.

'When the tide came in, four of them drowned leaving just Star and another puppy,' said Ms Yeo.

The white-and-brown ball of fur reminded Ms Yeo of her first dog, which died suddenly from an illness.

'His eyes weren't even open yet. I bottle-fed him for seven days before they opened,' said Ms Yeo.

Although her family has kept a dozen other dogs and Ms Yeo keeps other pets like fish and tortoises, Star is special to her.

He's the first dog that she brought up from young. Like a proud 'mother', she has an entire album with photographs of her beloved pet.

Every year in August, she buys him a cake with candles to celebrate his birthday.

Although money is tight, Ms Yeo spends about $250, which is half of her rent money, on branded dog food and special treats for Star.

To bathe him weekly, she buys cleansing gel from Nu Skin, a US cosmetics brand that's usually used by people, not dogs. A small 400 ml bottle costs $17, said Ms Yeo.

She said she started bathing Star with the Nu Skin gel because he seemed to have an allergic reaction to a previous dog shampoo.

'He liked it very much. After that, I couldn't switch back because he growled when I tried to use other shampoos,' said Ms Yeo.

She spends less than $100 on herself, sometimes only eating one meal a day.

'When I eat chicken, I will only chew the bone and take the fat and skin, I will give Star the meat,' she said.

What is it like to be sleeping in the streets?

Her answer wasn't about herself, but about her dog, which she says was not used to the stress of outdoor living at first.

'He had high fever for three days. My vet friend told me to try giving him a quarter of a Panadol. I did that and he got well,' she recalled.

There was another time when Star's face swelled for a week. Ms Yeo borrowed money from her dad to take Star to a vet.

Ms Yeo said her father and siblings want her to give up Star.

'They don't see the need to help me. They think I can get another smaller dog. But I just can't. He depends on me. He will not eat food given by other people.'

She said: 'People think I'm mad, but what can I do? I did try to re-home him when he was growing up because I could see he was too big to be kept in a flat. But no-one wants mongrels. Now I'm too attached to him to let go.'

Ms Yeo's friend, a housing agent, is trying to find alternative accommodation for her and her dog so that she can look for a job.

'But she can't find work because of her bad back,' he said.

She added: 'I also don't want to be operated on because if something happens to me, who will take care of Star?'

What have I done for cai? Nothing very great if I were to compare to Ms Yeo maybe except for that one time?
Night time sharpens, heightens each sensation
Darkness wakes and stirs imagination
Silently the senses, abandon their defences

Slowly, gently night unfurls its splendour
Grasp it, sense it, tremulous and tender
Turn your face away from the garish light of day
Turn your thoughts away from cold, unfeeling light
and listen to the music of the night

Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreams
Purge your thoughts of the life you knew before
Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar
and you'll live, as you've never lived before

Softly, Deftly, Music shall surround you
Feel it, Hear it, Closing in around you
Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind,
In this darkness that you know you cannot fight
The darkness of the music of the night

If only somethings are just that easy..

Monday, January 16, 2006

Potty Training - Feng's Approach

First and most important element: Owner's patience <--------- Very very very impt.
Time needed: Depend on individual doggie. Each have their own habbit and learning ability.


Always praise the little furballs when they get it right. U can enforce training by giving them treats whenever they do it right immediately. Never scold them when the deed's done long ago. If really need to, bring them to the scene of "crime" to reprimand then ignore him/her for at least 5 mins. The tone of ur voice also allows them to differentiate between anger and joy. A low tone should be used to reprimand and command. A higher pitch tone normally equates to joy.
  1. Use a pee spray. Available off shelves at any pet stores. U just needa spray a little amount on their newspapers and hopefully they will get it in time.
  2. Dab a little of their pee on the paper so that they recognise the smell.
  3. Fence furball in a smaller area first. Cover most ground with newspapers. Determine favourite spot they do their pee pee. Then slowly remove paper bit by bit.
When your mood sux, your entire body launches into a sickly composure too. Headache la, tummyache la, ear ache la, u name it. Slept earlier ending up feeling more sleepy. I'm wondering if we must sleep in blocks of 4 hrs since that's one sleep cycle.

Recently uncle johnny also decided to colour up my dream life. Keep plaguing me with weird unexplainable scenarios. People inside start acting weird or is that just my mind's own make up.

Ah! Time to go RT. Demos to be ready soon.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

As much as I hate it, Jie Jie insisted that I must get my nails trimmed. How irritating since I tried to behave when she cleaned my ears... Though at times I tried to run away. Actually I dun feel safe letting her trim my nails cos she seems unsure too and there are times when they will bleed. Pain... But look at how she grabbed me. I was so tired trying to run away that I surrendered in the end. Luckily this time round she did a great job.

Jiu ming ah.... Gor gor came out of the room and laugh. Telling jie jie that I looked like I was doing what mapicur? banicu?

Hiak hiak... I actually fell asleep.. Jie jie thighs nice to lie on.
Recipe for the day!

  • Seedless Guava
  • Chili slices
  • Orange peel
  • Lemon slices

Wash and slice guava into very small slices. Simply mix everything well with a little fine sugar. Wala! Ready to be served. Superfabulicious oh... We all couldn't stop eating..

Baby Ting is already entering K1 this year. Tot she would have fitted in fine since she attended pre-school there le. Was at ah ma's house today and she came too. Was abit surprised cos she lost alot of weight. Seems pretty drastic cos the last time I've seen her was in Gentings. Then she was still a plump baby. Aunt told me that she hasn't been eating well, crying everyday and finding excuses not to go school.

Ting: Mummy if I potty from school start to school finish how ah?

Seems like depression. Aunt had no choice but to get me to talk to her. Have to start the question elimination process to find the exact cause. Asked her things like:

  1. U like school?
  2. Do you have friends in school?
  3. Do you like them?
  4. Is your teacher nice?
  5. Study in school very difficult ah? <------- Bingo
Had to cajole, explain and getting her to express more. Aiyo.. that poor baby.. Had to hug hug her and talk. Finally managed to cajole her to eat dinner with me. Then had to 勾勾手 and make her promise to guai guai go school the coming monday. Know what she will tell her mama?
I want to go NTU like jie jie. LOL~~!
Erm... according to the Chinese lunar calendar, there's gonna be an extra 7th month. Does that mean the Hungry Ghost Festival has also presumably extended?

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Almost cried while scaring myself to death. Was so so so darn worried just now la! Cai swallowed a part of a chicken wing... My fault too lor... for trying to take it from him making him swallow to prevent so. Was worrying if it was digestible or that could it lodge somewhere inside him. I shuddered as I keep thinking of the various scenarios. 越想越害怕, 越怕越是想哭, 自己吓自己. Cant help it cos he's such a precious darling. But thankfully, feeling more assured le. He seems alright for now. Shall continue to monitor him.
Introducing the IJ bear. Had it for some time le, just never really took a pict of it. See that badge! I love it so much hahaha... Its the one with the blue house colour de (Coincedentally my house colour too).

Mom pre-rent a car for the new year season.. How I wished bro had passed his driving exams so tat he can share the load. 1 whole week wor. Can imagine how tiring I would get at the end of it. Driving a manual one somemore. lolz.

每一次 都在徘徊孤单中坚强
每一次 就算很受伤也不闪泪光
我知道 我一直有双隐形的翅膀
带我飞 飞过绝望

不去想 他们拥有美丽的太阳
我看见 每天的夕阳也会有变化
我知道 我一直有双隐形的翅膀
带我飞 给我希望

我终于 看到 所有梦想都开花
我终于 翱翔 用心凝望不害怕

隐形的翅膀 让梦恒久比天长
留一个 愿望 让自己想象

Friday, January 13, 2006

MSN really got prob ma? How come pple see me as offline?? Jo also experienced that many times le.
Almost died again. The pedestrian lights were in my favour and I was walking casually across the road. Suddenly this car that was trying to make a right turn into my lane sped up so fast that I had only time to notice it very near. The driver din even noticed me (forget to turn on visibility mode ma?) till the very last moment. Think his car was like <1m away from me. I was super cool though (perhaps no time to react) cos I gave him a expressionless face while he looked on in shock. For a moment, I tot he would really hit me le. While other drivers on the road started making signs at him, I casually walked off with a sigh. Dunno why I was even feeling shocked or afraid.

Come to think about it.. Aiyo.. I haven make a will lor. LOL Like I have alot to go around indeed!
Can someone tell me if it was BM on that Hotel81 advertisement?
I wonder if this song's up in kbox le not. Nice. 越听越好听. kekeke.







* chorus
Boss: Feng.. Do you have some time?
Me: Sure. LOL
Boss: I'm sure its no fun
Me: Yeah. Fun!

After short meeting...

Boss: Many thanks
Me: Yeah Fun!

Colleague: Why you so happy? U stressed ah?
Me: LOL Yah lor! 自然反应.

苦中做乐 you know. Hm.. Since when I'm so Ah Q? Think its more likely that I'm going mad that's why. 看我会死得早. LOL
Yeah! Boss's gonna treat New Year Lunch... Saw the menu le... Slurpz!! 9 course neh.. Wahahahhaa
Was into this topic of grades and paper qualifications versus job employability. Seriously, I do wonder if this is very much the case right now. I tot it more in the past leh. I used to get very idignant when people start comparing grades to getting a good job.

I remembered heading for an interview once. The interviewer was sort of pretty happy with my grades. Of cos I was glad since it meant a closer step to getting the job. Then of all things he has to venture into how terrible some other interviewee grades were. Wah piang... Hit a raw nerve with me lor. I started to rebutt! Was pretty polite at first in reminding him that grades doesn't equate to good working attitudes, good work performance. Afterall, grades just meant that this person is very much exam oriented. Ended up with me raising my voice to the point of frustration trying to put across that exams are just written and unpractical stuff. Though grades may be a first guideline, everyone has the potential to be great employees! Aiyo.. I dunno wat went wrong with me that time la. Machiam felt injusticed for those who happen not to do well during exams to get condemned like dat. Of cos I din get the job.. lol Well, I dun think I would like to work with someone that exam result oriented anyway ba. A good employer is someone who knows his employees abilities and make full uses of his/her potential to bring out individual's best. Know how to work your employees. That's what I call an 英明的老板.

Then coming to the point of me being rude to that interviewer. I should have not let my indignance get the better of me la. Lousy EQ. Sometimes we have to learn to practise some form of 容忍. Though it may look like you are the weakling and everything, but you end up winning. I've read this example somewhere regarding the grass and the big oak tree (dunno if i have already mentioned before). It may look like the grass is nothing compared to the big oak tree, but in times of strong winds, the grass learns to bend with it while the big oak tree gets uprooted for remaining firm in its stand.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ill. So its supposedly MC day for me. No visit to the doc cos the weather deterred me. Instead I slept like a pig.

Hm.. This is supposedly my msn pict. People were asking if I was naked!!! Eh... Come on leh... See tat straw next to me not?? It's obvious that I'm in a public place ma. But anyways, it was taken at New Asia Bar la! I was wearing a halter can.
while my tears can cure the world's disease
i'm the phoenix that burns itself to death
which then re-births from its ashes again
Yeah right! wish I was that legendary. hahahaha

cannot cure myself cure wat world!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The pretty German students were asking me to go KTV with them neh! hiak hiak hiak.. They wanna experience our ktv culture over here neh. So! I shall 充当 ktv 导游 for them! But then again, our ktvs here dun seem to have German songs wor...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Crap 完了
Tada! Cheryl sent me this picture. Was doubting her words when she said she has a doggie at home. But then again, the background is definitely her hall lor! Its a pomeranian! So cute neh... A friend of her sis wants to sell it off >_<. Why would someone wanna sell this darling? See he's even smiling lor.

Dunno if cherrie's family will decide to keep it in the end. They worry about the responsibilities that will come. This is very true la. Its not easy to keep a dog. Apart from maintenance, you have to give it sufficient attention like you will with ur companion rather than treat it as a play toy as and when you need it.

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