Tuesday, August 29, 2006


当一个人的过去一直无法抹去, 是不是代表还是走不出阴影?
是不是自己还无法放下, 还是依旧有眷恋?
当自己不确定时, 是不是该放掉一切先?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Day 1

Starting on a journey of innerself seeking. Woke up this morning free of dreams which is a good sign. Wondered how GF is doing cos afterall, it's gonna be a tough ride for him too. But I'm resoluted to seek the old me. The old me that's bubbly and alive. Not this one here that's hovering around. First thing first, I need to clear all the thoughts that's bothering me. I'm ganbatteing.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Against Breeding

Was out with mom one weekend afternoon and met an old couple sharing our table. They were very nice and started to engage small talks with us when we all found out that we are dog lovers. Then mom brought in the topic of castration. The pair was appalled at the mentioned and told us that they prefer their 2 dogs (a male and female) to be natural cos its against god's will to castrate them.

Yah. I understand that some religions don't encourage going against nature. But my stand is, I'm totally against indiscriminate breeding. Better to be safe than not, what more with a pair of them that could easily produce offsprings. Though they assure that it was not their intention to breed, I explained that accidents do happen. What if their female dog gets pregnant? What if the female bitch dies during childbirth? Are they ready to rehome those pups? Are they gonna sell them for money? I was explaining so much of the cons of breeding and how many abandon dogs there were already outside. I know I came across as being pretty direct in my stand. Yes, it's nice to know that they are the kinda dog lovers that will not just sell the pups for money, but why a male and female in the first place?

What really pissed me off at one point was that they mentioned their dogs were pedigree so naturally people will wanna adopt them easily. They have already had got bookings just in case the accidents do happen. Well..... I did all I could to deter them and hopefully some precaution they would take.

Haiz... Some people dunno how tiring a rehoming process can be.

National Dog Walk 2006

Had a real great time with the gals and the furkids. Its been so long since the same group of us had an outing together. Those little imps simply enjoyed their day dashing around freely inside the enclosed dog run. Surprisingly, notti cai always kept himself close to us. Was half expecting him to dash off and get lost in that vast sea of people. Recall does work it seems.

Just stepped out of the car. Cai's already getting excited.

Registration is simply a hassle cos of the crowd.

This cute Chiwawa prays to us as we walk by.

Bro with a new hairstyle plus a cute dog. Wat a combi yah.

Me and cai.

A group take! Smilez.. There's (from leftmost furkid) Magic, Cai, Xiao Hei, Wang Wang and Mun Mun.

More fats

I need to gain those few pounds of fats on my face. Used to look so much chubbier than now lor. So much nicer than the skinny being now. No wonder people always sigh and say "Those were the good old days"

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Goodness Sake

Will you stop?? Night after night, you just keep coming. The same dream over and over again. Am I losing my sanity? lol
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