Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Drove sis to school very early today due to exams. An impeccably dressed lady caught me up at the carpark to ask for directions. On a closer look, she's kinda only in her twenties. Her destination: LT19A. Looking at the way she was dressed, she must be either there for a seminar or the speaker. She confirmed the latter.

Since I was showing her the way, I asked her on the topic she is speaking and it turned out to be National Security. Hm.... She must be at least a middle shot civil servant to be giving such a speech. At that moment I was feeling a little red in the face cos I was not totally looking my best with specs and ruffled hair. This young achiever is from the Prime Minister's Office and possibly someone that I should know. A good thing was that she was in a rush and hence I was spared the embarrasement of having asked how come I aint know her. K This part is my own exaggeration, she may not be a big shot afterall yah. Afterall, mention the name PMO and people start seeing one in another light.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Sprain ankle

In my sleep... How silly is that.
Dun remember engaging in some kung fu fight or stunt actions in my dream leh. In fact, I was crying instead cos I dreamt that my pet was burnt to death and it turned out to be a toy dog. Wah liew....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Medical Fees

Perhaps I'm simply just ignorant thinking that the older folks get very much subsidise for health checkups and regular visits or that my expectation of the fees are super duper low.

Apparently, mom was mentioning how expensive it was for my grandma to be constantly visiting the hospital for following up. All in all, each visit would put her back at least SGD 70 - 100. Given 5 times per month, my grandma would have dutifully surrender at least 400 monthly. If mom had not been accompanying her these days, she wouldnt have known that grandma has been shouldering all these much expenses (which is alot for her). I did not mention the cost of the medications on top of consultation as well. Woo!

How can one be so complacent about our retirement savings and banking on the government subsidy to live life comfortably with that kinda medical expenses and continously increasing quality of life. Man... it's also a wake up call for me to start saving and plan for my retirement.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Virgin Debut

And so I 奉献-ed my voice to radio in the morning's press conference. The conclusion:
  1. Having the mic shoved straight at you can be pretty intimidating
  2. First time jitters are a confirmed
  3. Having to speak technically in mandarin is frightening
  4. I have lotsa postfixed "la"s
  5. Converting some jargons into Mandarin is horrendous
For the last point, the producer and I have to stop the recording just to discuss how certain terms should be translated. With all the above elements, retakes were very much necessary. The frequency of having mental blank out seems unusually higher. For example, just with a single word "application" I stumbled for like 4 takes.

Though all in all, the producer thinks that I'm fine with my language, I still think that I need lotsa brushing up to do.

The more interesting aspect of the entire interview was the post chit chat with the interviewer. He was a 88.3 DJ before and that got me really interested. I wonder if he thinks that I am good enough to try on that aspect. LOL.

The only shush thing is that I FORGOT to ask him when they will be airing it!!!! It would be good to assess how I sound on air right. Then decide if my voice is nice and sweet enough to perhaps carve a new career out of it. hahahaha Yeah Feng, DREAM ON.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Project "Doomed from the Start"

Well... As you see. After getting my eager hands onto those 30 calendars, I set out to kick start my own creative juice (If I even have any to begin with). Without a theme nor idea, I simply took a pencil and started doing patterns. The initial strokes that define the head and mouth was what I thought simple yet nice. As I progressed with more patterns..... everything seemingly started to fall out of place.

Those patterns simply look odd. I think it would be good to start preparing papers to wrap over those marker drawns should they turn out untastefully done... Wah piangz eh...

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Animal Lovers League Calendars

Anyone interested?? I can help order on behalf. Have already made an order for 30 of them myself and will be collecting them from John this evening. Can't wait to lay my hands on them and start my own diy. *wink

  1. Its body made with biodegradable material to remind you to be environment conscious.
  2. The material is made with paper carton material to remind all of us how stray kittens and puppies are often staying in such shelters in the streets, braving the harsh conditions as a stray. (Pls see Cathy Strong's msg on the first card inside)
  3. Each individual month of the card has a reverse side of a postcard, so you can still use it as a postcard after the month is over.
  4. The frame of the calendar can be used as a photo frame for your dogs or cats after its eventual lifespan in 2008. You do not throw away old and expired calendars anymore, cos there is use for it after 2007.
  5. The calendar comes in versatile and interchangeable head and tails for you, be it a dog lover or a cat lover. or months when you feel like a cat or a dog.
  6. The calendar is wrapped up nicely and neatly with thick brown paper and an ALL sticker seal, perfect gift for any birthdays for dog/cat lovers, even more meaningful as a Christmas present at end of the year.
  7. The ALL 2007 calendar is selling for a mere 10 bucks only.
  8. The calendar is fun, has an element of surprise and encourages creativity. You self-construct your own calendar upon unwrapping it, making it all your own creation at the end of the construction.
  9. Your calendar would stick out like a sore thumb at home or in the office and the beautiful part about it is it can immediately declare yourself as an animal lover with its unique shape.
  10. You've helped sustained a shelter for 500 over stray and abandoned cats and nearly 200 similar plight dogs at Animal Lovers League. Good karma would follow you and your dog after this generous offer to help other less fortunate cats and dogs.

Some creative individuals who have gotten their calendars turned them into:

I love this!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Marley and Me

Finally took some time to finish off those last few chaps. I rate it 5/5!
For someone emotional like me, be prepared with lotsa tissues. I was crying till my nose started to run. A really touching real life story and definitely worth a read.

Can't help but gave cai many hugs after completing it. Marley is simply cai-ish. All his actions and tricks just make me wonder if they are the same dog.

Monday, November 13, 2006


It's really stupid to be racking my brains just to resolve my windows auto restarting problem that started like a week ago. I'm just wasting precious time that could be utilized to finish up the AR stuff.

For the entire afternoon, I was trying to pinpoint if the auto restarting is caused by
  1. XP patches not updated?
  2. Malicious spyware
  3. Creative webcam???? (The program I run requires that)
  4. ARToolKit
  5. Drivers
  6. Overheated hardware
After ever restart, I get prompted by windows that the system has just recovered from a serious error. Yes SERIOUS ERROR. I was definitely worried for the first 2 times I got that. Now after getting so much of it, I'm already used to it.

You can imagine me burrowing my head reading all possible causes and trying to patch the machine. Not to mention the amount of time used to try to remove old and possible malicious drivers installed.

After all I think I had done. I need SOS still!!!! Man... Shall fight that machine till the end tomorrow.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

I wait wait

And wait @ toyota service centre bukit batok. Thank goodness their customer service lounge has got some gateway to the virtual world. If not I'll be stuck here feeling hungry + sleepy + sian + alone.
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