Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just like usual

Haven't been blogging as regularly as before. Not that you cannot find time, it's just that you start not wanting to reveal too much about your life, allowing the rest of the world to scrutinize your everyday moves. Yet at the same time, you get a sense of satisfaction after a long blog entry. Talk about the ironies of life.

Anyway, today was a first for me seeing someone injured in an accident. It happened along Mandai road. It's not an uncommon sight to witness accidents if one drives, but to see someone bloody and laying in the middle of the road is kinda freaky. 3 vehicles and a motorcycle. One of the smaller badly dented vehicles was absurdly "parked" in mid field. You can imagine the state of the motorcycle. My heart definitely went out to the poor bike victim and I can also almost imagine the shock the 造祸者 must have felt too. Now I understand why jams can be that bad. You cant help not to slow down and take a few eye swipes at the scene. *shivers* Bikers are so darn vulnerable...

The lesson for the day:
Either you are a really cautious rider (taking into consideration that other cars abide traffic rules), if not, earn loads of $$ and get a car instead. Now I'm in need of more $$. Maintenance of a car is a killer.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Turn on those lights!

It can get really frustrating trying to chase after some other cars or bikes on the road getting their attention while keeping safe night driving. Just in case you start wondering if I job switched to a traffic police, nope I din. I just wanted to warn these drivers cos their head/tail lights were off.

It is so dangerous not to switch on your lights, especially those bikers. Many a times, drivers aren't able to tell when it is the case of light bulbs going off by themselves.

And talking about these make me remember this almost freaking incident on the road the other day. Was driving happily when I thought some idiot threw himself/herself onto the car windscreen suddenly out of nowhere. That loud thud and impact made me shut my eyes but thankfully only 1 second. It turned out that it was a huge tree branch. Wah piangz... for a moment I thought the windscreen would shatter lor...

Think I better go pray abit cos just not long before, I managed to burst a front tyre. Talk about a fun new year.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Special

What a cool way to spend my valentines - at borneo motors

To cut the long story short, the front tyre burst.
The cool thing, 5 guys helped me change my spare.
The next thing, buy these 5 guys coffee tomorrow.
The most heart pain, 342 for 20k service, 97 for tyre replacement, ++ if sports rim needs replacement.

The ++ portion can kill....

Happy Valentines!
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