Thursday, March 08, 2007

Crash course on genes and human make ups

It's always good to have a sibling doing bio science then going on to do something close to my heart - TCM. We can always have interesting discussions on our way to school.

Lets see how much I have picked up today.

1. We are made up of tons of dna
This one you can't not know.

2. These strings of dna coils around and bind genes together to make a chromosome.

3. X-Y gene = boy, X-X gene = gal
x-genes (or maybe all genes in general) has a recessive effect.

if (daugther) {

if (either parents carrier of defective x-gene)
Daugther is safe, but a carrier

else if (both parents carrier of same defective x-gene)
Daugther jia lat, full blown disease or perhaps wouldn't have even survived.

else { //then must be a boy la!

if (mom carrier of defective x-gene)
son kena disease straight

else if (dad carrier of defective x-gene)
son still safe and not a carrier

Doesn't that kinda suggest that if you are a guy, the chances of you having a full blown x-gene related disease is much higher since the only source of carrier would be his mother?

4. Enzymes are part of a protein (They are proteins)

5. ALD is caused by x-gene defect
If you read Tues with Morries you'll know wat's ALD
Some kinda disease where you body starts losing its functions and organs fail.

6.Same gene defect = same disease

7. Same chromosome defect may yield different diseases

8. .... Forget what else

Whatever that is mentioned in the points above are solely what I perceived from conversing with my sibling, so pardon me if there are mistakes!


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