Thursday, March 01, 2007

He "hates" me, "hates" me not?

My orthodontist la! Every month I have to subject myself to a whole deal of probing, poking and pulling. He must really "hate" me to put me through such monthly ordeals and I'm sure he is enjoying all that.

The latest session resulted an open gap teeth me. Dr Zul padded the back ends of my molars just so that my upper and lower set wouldn't meet to aid movement. Wah liew... I'm suddenly plagued with inability to pronounce properly. Now I finally understand how it feels to be short-tongued.

It feels crappy initially when I try to sing. *faintz* I can guarantee for the next whole month, my classmates will just have to put up with my 漏气 voice and my relentlessly efforts to get words right.

I guess it will be an even ardous task to get me to smile for a picture now. Bleh. So dun try!
I wouldn't say I hate it since I was the one who opted for bracing anyway. 活该啊.!

Dr Zul better "love" me the next time we meet. He lamented that I'm one of the difficult cases he have met so far. Please lor..! I'm giving him chance to hon his skills k, he should be glad. That I told him directly. =P


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