Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Someone tries to be batman or wat?

It took us barely 8 minutes from KJE to reach NTU. And guess what, we look almost 50 minutes from mandai to KJE. Amazing isn't it, considering how much shorter the latter journey is.

But wait till you see the cause of the delay....

From far, sis and I could already pin-point the location of the accident.
By far, the first SG "bat mobile" ...

Wah liew... how did the white car land above the other?
1) The black car(below) went too fast and lifted the boot of the white one.
The white car infront e-braked too hard and part lifting its back. In that same instance the black mazda and taxi couldn't stop in time and henceforth rammed the white one while lifting it?

2) The black car e-braked while the white one coming from the back couldn't stop in time?
But rationally, shouldn't the back winscreen of the black car be smashed in the process?

Maybe option 1 seems more viable then?


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