Tuesday, August 28, 2007

23 August 2007

Both of you came into my life unexpectedly and now left me suddenly.....

Jie Jie -

Miss ya smile whenever I come
Miss ya notti little grin when you grab food from my hands
Miss ya always trying to jump at me

You were always ready to put down your food to receive hugs from me. You were always following me around to ensure my safety. Whenever I leave, you will never fail to walk me to my car and wave me goodbye.

Now, I regret if I had not hugged you enough in our last meeting. Was I chiding you for always jumping at me and dirtying my clothes or was I giving you the pat you always loved. If time would turn for me, I'll let you jump on me as much as you would like. I would love to see my clothes all muddy again....

Mei Mei -
Miss ya yelping when the rest bully you
Miss ya tiny little body seeking pats from me
Miss ya happiness and tail wagging while you chew away at your bones

I remembered very well the day I ran across the road to your lying form after you were knocked down. How I almost burst out in tears seeing you still alive. How you finally recovered and continued to lead your carefree life. For those short months, I didn't expect you to go in another way......

I really wish both your last moments were fast and painless... I am angry with myself for not giving you both more in your time on earth.

To whoever who caused their death, I hope you are able to sleep well every night. You have caused those who loved them anguish and heart pain.

Jie and Mei left behind (their dog mates) - Mama, Mr Bobby, little Blackie, Baby and Audrey.

Thank you for your short lives on earth..... I miss ya

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ba Zi Character

My analysis based on my eight characters:


Sound so good yet I seem to be far from the 高官厚祿之命.
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