Saturday, October 06, 2007

When an animal's loyalty and love puts us to shame

Taken from doggiesite:

Yes, animals are more deluded because of their capacity of their physical body, but occasionally some of them might be able show us the love that we have forgotten on our 'busy road'. Just like this story.

This is real touching…

"Hey, wake up! wake up!"

A dog was knocked down by a car and died on the middle of the road. Later, another dog is seen beside the corpse of the dog, he tried to wake his friend up using his leg.

"Let's move to the safer side of the road...i will move you to the safer side!"

When his attempts to wake his friend failed, he tried to push his friend to the side of the road. But the weight of his friend was proven too heavy for him.

"Anyone help, tell me what to do."

Though the traffic is busy and dangerous, he just will not go away from his friend. Just stand beside his friend howling and crying.

A lot of people saw this incident and feel very touched. How even a dog can show his loyalty and love to his friend.

Cried when I read this... The surviving dog must be feeling very lonely and sad.... really pray that god will give this dog a good home.


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