Saturday, April 28, 2007

Pet Food Recall

The brands listed on FDA's website.
Recent recall due to pet food contamination
So many.....

Blue Buffalo (verified by company 3/27/07)
  • BLUE BUFFALO VOLUNTARILY RECALLS ONE FOOD. 4/19/07 See website for details
  • Brands include BLUE for dogs, and Spa Select for Cats
  • No products made by Menu Foods (have never used Menu)
  • Products do not contain wheat gluten, soy, or corn
  • All ingredients from US except lamb from New Zealand
  • Some products manufactured by CJ Foods (according to FDA website)
  • They do not manufacture food in their own facility. Manufacturer is confidential but they have their own vets and staff on location at all times and ingredients are tested before and after each run.
Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul See Diamond Pet Foods


Diamond Pet Foods (verified by company 3/28/07)
  • SOME PRODUCTS RECALLED 4/26/07. See company website for information.
  • Brands include Diamond, Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul, Nutra Nuggets, Premium Edge, Professional Pet Food
  • No products made by Menu Foods
  • All foods contain US and Canadian ingredients
  • Manufacture their own dry food
  • Canned foods made by American Nutrition
  • Wheat, wheat gluten or rice protein concentrate is not used in any of our dry, canned, or treat products. (from website 4/18/07)
Drs. Foster & Smith Products (verified by company 3/29/07)
  • SOME PRODUCTS RECALLED 4/25/07. See company website for information.
  • Wet foods made by Menu Foods but not involved in the recall.
  • Dry foods manufactured by Chenango Valley Foods
  • All grain and meat products are from the US
  • No wheat gluten is used in the products manufactured at Menu
  • Pro Animal Testing!!!!!

  • Same arm as Eukanuba
Kirkland Signature Brand Pet Food (information provided by manufacturer 4/23/07)

  • SOME CANNED PRODUCTS RECALLED 4/26/07. Will have more information soon.
  • Dry food manufactured by Diamond, sold by Costco
  • None of these foods contain rice protein concentrate and they are not involved in any current recall.
  • All the grains and meats are from North America.
  • Some ingredients we cannot get from the US (such as flax seed). We get it from Canada, through a US supplier.
  • No glutens of any kind are used.
Natural Balance


Royal Canin

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Doggies Saviour needed

Taken from projectjk

As we continue in our day-to-day 'operations' in animal welfare, we have only been blessed to build more, if not stronger, relations with the disparate caregivers, fosterers, boarders and strayfeeders all over the island, and learn from our interactions with them, samaritans in their very own right, how important a cohesive network of animal activists, supporters and volunteers, driven by the same motivations, the same passions to achieve the same objectives, is.

To improve the lives of the animals -- street, footloose, industrial, agricultural, domestic or whatever else.

In a context where we lack a macro form of support such as that from national animal welfare organisation or, quite simply, the government, our 'silent' caregivers hinge upon mutual support to make a difference to the lives of, especially, our stray animals; to make sure, in their very best, that our animals are granted some form of decency -- water to drink, food for nourishment, medication for the injured -- in places where most public would not take a second glance at or consider, even for a fraction of a moment, WHO are those who rely on the wilderness, the bushes, the space beneath some random truck to sleep and claim space for their own abode.

Today, we received a call from an existing strayfeeder who'll be away from Singapore for one year, who seeks another (reliable, confident) caregiver who can take his place, for this one year, and one who is confident of this role, committed and consistent in this potential work.

Here are the details:


To feed about 12 stray dogs at a spot in Sembawang every morning consistently for one year, from mid-May 2007 to mid-May 2008. Feeding materials include meshed kibbles, canfood and rice, and water which will be rendered in small pails. Feeding materials will be supplied time to time by this existing strayfeeder, or, into the time that he will be absent, by his friend.

Existing strayfeeder will remain contactable. Replacing strayfeeder will be able to contact his friend, in times of emergency.

From now until his departure, he will orientate replacing strayfeeder and guide him/her along with the job. Work estimated to be half to one hour each morning. Strayfeeder expected to clear newspapers or surrounding litter, to ensure responsible feeding.

The 12 dogs are made up of two to three independent packs, mostly adult dogs. Dogs are of the wary sort but with a proper handover/orientation, it will be fine.

All we need now is someone who is able to commit to the time in feeding, the effort in the food preparation, and someone equipped with his/her own transport. Someone willing to take two hours of his/her time everyday, for this very worthy cause.

A guaranteed salary will be provided.

If you know of anyone who might be keen to take on this 'challenge', a challenge that will perhaps open one's life to wider, unique experiences of animal welfare work, kindly contact: or 9026-2733. More details will be provided.

Monday, April 23, 2007


In sleep he sang to me, In dreams he came.
That voice which calls to me and speaks my name.
And do I dream again, for now I find...
The phantom of the opera is there inside my mind.

Sing once again with me, my strange duet.
My power over you, grows stronger yet.
And though you turned from me, to glance behind.
The phantom of the opera is here, inside your mind.

In any case you find anything wrong with the lyrics from phantom, you may be right. Cos the ah nia here is trying to flaunt her *good memory.

Bro treated me to phantom of the opera weeks ago. Was not too bad aside from some flats coming from Christine and a bad start to the program. Was quite surprised that I could still remember most of the lyrics from all songs. I swear there were small snipets where they changed the lyrics. Nothing dramatic though.

Loved the phantom actor, he was the one that truly engaged us right from the start. Me and bro both agreed that he was the best singer in the house.

As for the bad start, I must first complain that either the theatre wasn't designed properly or people ain't being aware of their surrondings. You see, me and bro got the second row of the upper deck and we noticed that the group of people infront of us were all trying to lean forward on the rails. The irritating part was that whenever they do so, we get our views block. So everyone from the back all started to follow suit. It can be pretty back breaking to be leaning forward for prolong periods not to mention the left right head adjustments according to the front people. That kinda killed the first half of the viewing pleasure for me.

Until bro pointed out to them that they were causing alot of inconvenience to the back people, did the front row people (only those infront of us actually) sat proper. They did so not without first rolling their eyes and one gal was nonchalently saying how short she was. Eh.... EXCUSE ME, she should thank us cos we made her aware of how ignorant and selfish her behaviour was.
Some people simply needs some lessons on courtesy. Even this ah nia knows when to be apologetic for such inconveniences lor. Geez....

And we were wondering why the rest did not speak up. So they all ended up leaning forward all the way. Just as I thought me and my bro were the only ones who made such a fuss, Adrian too complained that he was caught in the exact situation while he went phantoming the day after us. See... We ain't trying to be horrible ya know.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The affair

An invitation to Power 98's Ladies Affair. Erm... not exactly a totally ladies event as we see some men with their womenfolk and the DJs from power 98 and 88.3 as well.
Erm.. Apparently Jia Yi was talking to me and Phyllis face on and we din realise till a while later. Wah liew... Paiseh la. To think I hear him on the radio pretty much. Din expect him to look young and cute ma

Despite the rain and all that, concentration was all drawn to the big race course. Am glad we were sitting in our air-conditioned comfort.
Ladies start forsaking their buffet tables to join the atmosphere outside.
Was helping myself to quite alot of the baked oysters. Yum~~

And red wine! It is certainly great not to be driving on occasions like this.
You can see we cannot hold back our excitement. Giving a victorious smile after winning one of the bets!

More concentration on the main screen from our box.
And the lovely gurls who invited the ah nia here. Thanks a whole bunch. Was really fun!

Since it was all our first time at horse betting, we had our share of wins and loses. However, we do looked like we were seasoned punters judging by the way we bury our noses into the racing guide books. lolz!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Boss did it again!

SEE this!

My boss did it again! He tore my leave application and shoved it back to me.

I lub lub lub him so much! He refused to acknowledge that I have already taken that leave before. So that leave isn't gonna count! Ah nia has one extra leave now! Woo Hoo~~!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Your life or money?

Feng starts pondering....
"Does one constantly hope of striking rich?"
"What's the meaning of life?"
"How does one ever feel contented and are there truly people who are?"
"How happy can one ever be? when is happy the happiest?"
"blah blah blah blah?"

And the train of thoughts go on and on. Notice my inconsistent thoughts, that's cos I'm a visual person.

Someone once told me straight in my face, MONEY = YOUR LIFE.
Sounds darn superficial right.
Whatever so, what my friend said is not without some sense.

In order to lead a comfortable life, you have to be rich or at least financially stable.
Firstly, the majority of the people are not born rich. So in their conquest to become so, they work hard. That, they have already spent at least 9hrs of their 24hrs. But they realise that working hard alone is not enough, so they work extra hard by getting OT payouts (that's if they can claim hor). After slogging so hard for perhaps a few 3hrs, they finally get what they deem a good but not too good income. Simple maths will indicate that they have spent 12hrs at work.

Say they have to skim on their sleep to maximise their time usage, they sleep barely 6 hrs.
That leaves one with only 6 hours a day to enjoy your quality life hor.

You may think that that the mere 6 hours is good enough for quality stuff. In life, sometimes quality time can only come about with quantity.

Lets break it down in a different way (say a 5.5 workday):

Amt of time one has on weekdays = 6 x 5 = 30hrs
Amt of time one has on Saturday = 24 - 6 (halfday work) - 10 (one tries to make up for sleep) - 4 (housework) = 4 hrs
Amt of time one has on Sunday = 24 - 10 = 14hrs

Total time allocated for weekly quality spending = 30 + 4 + 14 = 48hrs
That's like 2 days out of 7.

I wonder how good is 2 days to communicate and accompany your spouse and children, do housework maybe and importantly reserve some personal time for yourself. And do take note that by the time one reaches home everyday, it may be well pass the kids' bedtimes. How about your pets (Cos the ah nia here has one herself)?

Isn't it quite sad to think that many are trading their life for money?
I am that one kind of trader!!

I want to strike TOTO! Ho ho ho

I am typical kiasu Singaporean! I want more than 2 days per week for my own quality spending!
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