Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mongrels for adoption

Many people find it easy to buy or bring home a dog, but they fail to remember that it is a life long thing. Be it cat or dog, many treat them as pets and seldom as companions. I'm pretty against sales of dogs right now but that will come in another post. Right now, it's on adoption.

Please do not take the word Adoption lightly......

Are they really ugly as many perceive? Are people taking their loyalty for granted?
Can anyone give this mutt a shelter under his head?
He only knows one thing: To love his humans unconditionally.
Will you still love them when they outgrow their puppy stage?

Am right now appealing for dog lovers, who are willing to give these mongrels a home to call their own. These are 4 month old pups found at a construction site. Everyday without fail, an old man will be going his rounds feeding strays in the area for years. Apart from feeding, he has been trying to vacinate and sterilise strays as much as he could. If any of them got injured in accidents, he will fork the vet fees. Till date, he has already spent a vast retirement sum just to do so. I salute him! He is the voice and light for these strays.

If you are in the midst of buying or seeking a pet companion, do consider adopting one of them. They are really manja and fiercely loyal once they know you well. But do note that only serious adopters are considered. Unethical breeders or sellers can GET LOST!!! There may be a small adoption fee (only vet fees for those who have been vaccinated or sterlised to the old uncle) and agreement drawn up to protect the welfare of these strays to be homed. Please note that the adoption fee will come with a vet's receipt. Right now, I believe they aren't vaccinated yet. Contact me for more information on adoption procedures and agreement terms.
To you, he is just a dog, but to him you are EVERYTHING!!

An exerpt taken from a petshop:
1) Before u bring me home, please remember i have a lifespan of 10-15 years, if u were to abandon me, that will be my worst agony.
2) Pls be patient with me, you have to give yourself some time to understand me.
3) Trust me - that is very important to me.
4) Pls do not get angry with me for too long, and pls dont lock me up as a punishment. You have ur job, ur entertainment, ur friends, but i only have u.
5) Pls talk to me often, even though i may not understand, but i can feel, your voice is keeping me accompany.
6) I will always remember in my heart how u've treated me.
7) When u hit me, pls remember, i have canine teeths that can crush ur bones, but i choose not to do that.
8 ) Before u scold me of being stubborn, not being co-operative, lazy, can u pls think is it something that is bothering me, maybe its bcos i cant get things which i wanted, maybe its bcos i have not been out in the sun for long period, or maybe its bcos im weak and old.
9) Pls take good care of me when im old, bcos u will grow old too.
10) if i were to go through difficult period like old, sickness and dealth, pls do not say " i cant bear to look, i dont want to stay at the scene". only when u are together with me, everything is easier to accept, pls remember forever, i love you

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Just last Sunday, (clears throat) the 江南四大美女 decided that they should head out to pray at Bugis's Guan Yin Temple. Apparently, all must have felt they had sinned too much to render such a move (hiak hiak hiak). Finally, I had the honour of being chauffeured by Cherrie for a change!

Anyway, it was a all gals' outing so naturally there was alot to catch up after that.
For lunch, we opted for a cheap alternative than our usual fare of restaurant meal - KFC. Cherrie loved the miso chicken we all had but I still prefer the taste of the original though. AND hor!!!! I hate the lingering smell of weird miso on my fingers for the rest of the day! Buay tahan!

Talking over lunch was of course not enough. We had to find a coffee place to continue our never-ending chit chatty. We were looking forward to enjoying our afternoon sip when it was tainted by a small issue that came up. Very politely, one of our 四大美女 Susan requested if we could garner a cosy corner which we saw was empty. The receiving waiter 敢敢 tell us NO wor...! Reason being that the table is meant for groups of 6 people and above. Not that we mind, but we were perplexed since the table given to us apparently sits more than 8 lor... When queried, the waiter insisted that our table is definitely smaller than the one we requested. *faintz* What really kinda turn me off was that he mentioned if he were to allocate that table to us and another bigger group comes in, he may have to ask us to shift our ass somewhere else to accomodate!!!????

WHAT~!!!!!! (I remembered my eyes bulked really big when he said so)

Anyway, being very kind and not wanting to challenge him, we decided to make do with the not so comfy and open corner. The fact that the waiter tried to entertain and be nice afterwards helped. But but... The ah nia here still a little buay song why can't customers' requests be acceded. How can it be that a company has a policy to ask customers to switch tables should a bigger group come along????

The most "Qi Gek" thing was that another waiter allowed a group of 2 to sit at our requested corner lor!!!!!!!! *Fume man!


Susan's face kena blocked! oppz...

A better one.

Cherrie and Me!

More of us

Apparently, the drink was the highlight for this picture.

Revenge for taking Susan's face being covered by a straw.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Saw the wedding pictures from phyllis's wedding le! Coolz! Cant wait to lay my hands on them.
Anyway, as an expression of appreciation for our help for the wedding, we were treated dim sum at Imperial Treasure Garden at Great World. Yum! Nice! Pics to come later again! Bleh.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

From an Ex-MLM's perspective

Recently, a friend who refused to admit she's doing MLM called me again.

Recollecting back:
I remembered the first time she invited me out for dinner at a super aber ulu location. Despite my suggestions to switch to a more convenient place, she insisted that the place has got superb pineapple rice. Blah! The first hint of her doing MLM came when she refused to divulge what her intention for dinner was when we are not even close friends. The second hint was the way she persisted to call me out after so many rejections due to my busy schedule.

Giving her the benefit of doubt, I acceded to her dinner request. It turned out that my suspicions were right afterall. Having done MLM myself personally, I would appreciate if people let me know beforehand. Afterall, I had shared with her what I did previously and how it helped to be forthright and straight forward. Too bad for her, I was so pissed with her evasiveness that I did not give her much time to say her piece. Most of the time, I was the one doing all the talk and educating her on unscrupulous MLM practises using my Ex-MLM status. Muahahahaha...

Principle 1: "Be forthright about doing MLM. People will appreciate that better than you trying to be evasive"

Anyway, she's now back with her turn-off tactics. Her excuse this time was that she needed some advice on SOMETHING. Kept insisting on meeting up when I said I have no time. If she needs advice, she could jolly well address it over the phone isn't it. But no, she insisted that she needs to show me in person. *HUH??!*
Finally after wasting alot of time calling and sms-ing, she asked me to support her by buying her products.

So you finally decided to drive home your point ah!

If she have had been direct in the very beginning about wanting to sell me her products, I would have very much considered at least.

Principle 2: "Want to sell, sell. Cut the crap about pretending to need some favours from the person then slowly lead to selling"

Despite being nice and letting her know that I wasn't interested in her products, she relentlessly tries to call and text me everyday to convince me her products are good. Till date, I have already lost count of the numbers, but the calls come at least 3-5 times daily.

An extract from the most recent exchange (when I'm alr super pissed):

Girl, I really really hope you to get a bit of support. Maybe a pair of XXX or a set of XXX. Confirm beneficial even if not old people. blah blah blah....

Look gal, I would definitely support you if they are something that fits my needs. It makes no sense to be buying and not using. I hope I wouldn't need to iterate again. Appreciate you asking but no thanks.

=) okay. That's why I said you can buy XXX ma.

Let me not iterate again. I would be interested if it's something I need.

What you need you think?

Me (secretly in mind):
I need you to stop hounding me like I'm the last piece of meat left on earth!!

Principle 3: "Find people who buys you and needs your products"

Principle 4: "Never never give people the impression that you are desperate to close sales with them. People will not buy you!"

Sighz... I dun understand why some people just dun understand. Aren't I clear enough?? The traditional unscrupulous methods of selling and roping new distributors are no long in trend. These methods have given MLM a foul reputation and a bad taste in the mouth for people who were conned into it!
Believe me, I still subscribe to the MLM-concept, but please dun try evasive methods on me.

Principle 5: "Rather than waste time trying to convince someone closed up, concentrate on finding people who are open"
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