Monday, July 23, 2007

A cruel twist?

Having a dog integrated into the family has somehow made us more compassionate. Yesterday morning, before I drove off to pick my mom, I was greeted with the sight of a lady worriedly craddling a kitten. And I realised something was very wrong with the kitty cat when it was put down. It's rear legs were in a very awkward position and were bent almost 180 degree in the opposite direction at the ankle spot.

Being in a rush, the most I could offer to the lady in that moment was the time the nearest vet closes. With a heart still heavy, I told mom what happened and to my surprise she agreed that we could send the lady to Dr Bryan's. By the time we reached our void deck, someone has already taken the lady to her destination. Mom surprised me further by suggesting heading to the vet as well - She simply dislike cats for your information.

At the doc's, mom even paid half of the veterinarian fees. Something that I never dreamt she will do for a cat, what more a stray one. We named the cat Lucky.

It was then later that I received an sms that my friend lost his dog and he needed help disseminating information. For the entire day, he combed his entire area but was met with no results. Being a dog owner myself, I can well understand how painfully saddening it is. I offered to help him post a lost dog notice in forums when I saw a thread "Shih Tzu knocked down". The immediate association of his lost dog to that of the one knocked got me scared instantly. It had died on its way to the vet....

Right now, we are waiting confirmation by the vet... 2 more hours till the vet opens his doors. These 2 hours are right now the most excruciating wait for him and his family....

It seems alittle uncanny right now that we named the kitty Lucky only to find out that my friend's dog is called Lucky too...

Please help if you have seen Lucky:

Color : Tri color (Black/Brown/White)
Sex: Male
Other features: A pretty long tongue.
Last seen at Tampines Street 21 Blk 271
Dog needs medication, have skin problem

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Music Forest Class

Yeah, a wrap up of our first class at Music Forest. Despite so many different singing schools this ah nia go to in the past, I started right from the basics again at Ocean Butterflies Music School. I must say Nicole is one of the best vocal teachers I have ever had. =)

However, it seems like I'm reaching a bottleneck in my vocal techniques. Can't seem to go beyond my current level. Blah.

Random pictures during the last lesson (ie. our exams day):

I do look "scared" enough ya? Maybe the Music Forest cum J-team can consider my services.

大家使出浑身解数. The secret weapon to beautiful vocals - Hair spray???!!!

Nicole and avril showing you the hide pimple technique.

A victory sign to mark the end of our exams.

After all that serious work, we could finally relax.

Our cute class trying to emulate Stephanie Sun's 神奇?

Last group shot!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Phyllis's and Vinson's Big Day. =)
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