Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stop complaining about women drivers

Almost ran into an accident on the road just now due to a stupid man. Was on my way home with my mom from a funeral wake and I took lane 3 (straight or right turn lane) signaling right. As I was turning, I noticed something really wrong as the car beside me seem to be going straight.

Heng my reflexes were fast. I slammed on my brakes and honked that stupid man on the right. He must have thought that his lane was a straight moving one. STUPID! That stretch of road has got 3 right turn lanes including mine. I doubt he even realise he was wrong lor! He thought he might as well just give way to a stupid female driver who din get her lane right.

Glared really hard and gave him my "what the hell" look.

So you who always say women drivers suck, let me tell you. In my years of driving, many a times I encounter guys who do stupid things hor! You don't see us women complain about the men do you?

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Having bouts of headache and a bad case of sore throat.
Din meet GF and collect my Mayday Tickets due to this!!!!!! ROAR

Friday, December 26, 2008


Having a short meal before movieWith the handmade gigantic bear from Evonne gal.

With Evonne gal!
Candid shot
More group shots with our bears from Evonne
Piang! Hurry bring Daz home!

Caps on which Evonne painstakingly painted our names.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Was a hell of a schedule today. Will blog about it another day when I'm feeling less tired.

THANK YOU Evonne!!!!!!

She's such a sweetie k. Self-made teddies for me, Xiao Le and Hui Ling. I cannot imagine how much time she must have invested on them. AND She folded at least 1000 cranes for me!!!!! Made me 超级感动 can! Of cos a simple thanks isn't good enough la. But really dunno how to express that 感动 la.

And my apologies if I was too ki siao today. Am alittle more stressed these days. =P

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank you Joyce!

Now that I know who you are, I must really thank you again for creating that support page for me. (Though still weird that I have one! lol)

Good luck for your studies in U.S.

And once again, a great big hugz to Evonne gal for being able to find out so efficiently who you were. LOL

He/She reads my blog!

Who are you huh? That mysterious person who set up my supporter page on FB?
You must have read my blog and changed my display picture. And I just realised you posted my pictures just yesterday and the latest one today!

That's so nice of you but then it makes me even more curious to know who you are.

Email me can?? (avril.sim{a} At least let me know who you are.

Been bugging Evonne if she was the one who did it. Poor thing, everyone's been asking if its her. lol

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Avril's Facebook Supporter Page

I don't even know if I should even blog about this. Cos it is kinda embarrasing but yet a consolation.

Evonne gal smsed to inform me that someone set up a FB supporter page for me! Wah liew... I thought she was kidding with me. Hence, I hurried logged on into my computer to double confirm that. True enough there was really one done up.

I must say this is something really really unexpected... AND AND AND! I SWEAR it wasn't done up by me! In case some narrow minded people start questioning if I did it myself. The picture on the page is not what I would use for a start... I would use a prettier one of cos (without braces! and definitely not with a handsome guy beside me for pple to compare!!!) lol

But to whoever who did this for me, I do appreciate your kind gesture la just that it seems weird cos I'm not a public figure. All these while I have been really self critical of my voice. I just felt that I have reached this bottleneck stage where I cannot find my real voice and neither can I improve. I started to hate my own voice. But what he/she wrote gave me a little more confidence booster.

That person wrote this "this page is to support one of the QYQL 's member Avril~ I juz happened heard QYQL few months ago and heard tis gal's voice . (: her singing nice and smooth. so do support her k :)"

I think alot of my friends will have a hell time soon cos I will be going around to question them if they did it! Own Up huh if it's one of you I know.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Give your love ones a surprise this Christmas!

Buy a surprise HERE.

A new and interesting business concept by a team of ingenious entrepreneurs.
Just $10 nett for a Surprise!

And yes! My dear Bro is part of that team LOL!
Yes la. I'm helping him promote his new biz concept. Blah! Pretty neat huh!

Korea Kraze

The year that we were all crazy about anything Korean.
Just back from a Korea Trip and the gals got ourselves our own sets of Hanboks.

My cute cute cousin Fiona. She looks absolutely cute in her Hanbok.
And of cos me and my sis were super excited about wearing our Hanboks too during that Chinese New Year in 2003.

Don't know what I should do with our costumes man. They are simply just shelved away for so many years le. Waste money.

Monday, December 15, 2008

BuBai Old Header

I still like my old header, just that I feel like having some changes!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

9's a Crowd

My house is filled with people and animals right now. 2 cute little cousins have decided to bunk over cos they really enjoyed playing with cai and daz. The total head count in our small 4 room flat is currently 9 now.

Darn squeezy right now. I'm "abolished" to the living yet again lol. Cai-ster chose the air conditioned comfort at the feet of the 2 little gals. ROAR! Leave mummy in the living room!

Learn to be like Bolt can??!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Failed Communication or Politics?

The story goes like this:

During a big event, some BIG Company (BC) invited another BIG Group's (BG) representatives from the States to display its technology. Being part of that BIG Group, small company (SC) was being asked to provide support and show their projects.

SC is blur. Right from the beginning there was a huge confusion. SC do not which booth they were supposed to set up their demonstrations until the very day of the exhibition itself.

SC arrived to see a glummed faced BG and a booth that is seemingly not a booth. SC learnt that BG is not allowed to display any videos nor present project demonstrations.

BG were invited by BC all the way from the States. Upon arriving 1 week in advanced, they were appalled by the reception they received from their inviters. Everything stated to be given and done were never delivered. They are now condemned to sitting at a public rest area with all their stuff. With other things at hand, they left their things with sc and went on to attend seminars.

SC lan lan took over the role of baby sitting wondering what exactly is wrong with the organisers. It is quite sad that invited guests get such nasty impressions of Singaporeans.

However, a BC personnel stopped by and explained to SC that a booth wasn't provided as BG refused to pay for a booth space.

公说公有理,婆说婆有理。Who is right and who is wrong?? Cannot be bothered. SC happily walked and indulged in on-going exhibits and blogging away right now! lol

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Amidst recent happenings around me, I am quoting what some people have been saying to me be it their own situation or from their experiences:

"I am just so turned off seeing self-pity peeps who also tries to make others feel guilty. Attention seeking?"
My response: I shrugged.

A complaint by a friend: "If she can blame another for a situation that she herself has also failed to deliver, Can I also blame her too for not informing me? What a selfish person."
My response: But you are different cos you are cool about things.

"In the same situation, I would probably questioned why it happened and not start a blame game"
My response: It is easier to blame others first isn't it.

"People who choose to self-pity and not look at the real situation aren't meant to live life happily"
My response: How to live happy?

"Interpretation is a choice. Situations can be interpreted extremely or viewed in a different light. There are people who are just skewed in their own world"
My response: It depends on how you want to live your life. You either 觉得全世界负你, or you choose to understand. Being too wrap up in one's emotions only sees things one sided.

"Extremist who indulge only in their own world will never realize that being put in a similar situation, they perhaps will act the same if not more extreme"
My response: Of cos

An old friend of mine who used to be terribly emotional learned to be more cool about things that are beyond her control. She can't choose how people feel towards her or treat her, so rather than being her old lamenting self, thinking that she's always the one being victimized, she chooses now to reflect internally and wonder why some things just happen. She may not agree with the other party's actions but being able to put herself in that person's shoes, she also realized that she could possibly acted similarly. So to be happy is her goal daily now.

I do wonder at times how many times people whom I 在意,are actually enjoying themselves without me. But seriously, I don't harp on that too long. The more important thing for me is that when I am with them, do I bring more laughter or loathsomeness.

Just like during a recording matter previously, I was only asked to sing the harmony parts from a group of us. The parts I was requested to do were really minimal to the max. Given the old me, I would have been so affected as I will compare and wonder why. Thankfully, I din indulge or harp on that nowadays. I accepted that I wasn't needed for the solo parts, neither did I allow myself to feel ostracized. The group is happy and so am I. Maybe being able to let go of things helped in improving relationships later on.

WhatAvril it is, life is much more than self indulgence. See Story Below!

The Story of Beano (Fr ASD Site)

Will you still love me tomorrow ? When cute and cuddly I am no more, and youth and exuberence have all but left my aching bones. Will you still hold me dear in my twilight years ? Even when I have devoted my whole life to you, and my remaining years are few , I still adore and love you. Will you remember the love we share ? When age breaks my body down, will you be by my side as I always have been by yours ?


And as this gentle giant pondered these questions, the frantic call of a lady at Bishan Park shattered the tranquility of the Hari Raya holiday of Oct 1st, telling us she had found a golden retreiver lying on his side, panting heavily, unable to move. As she had no experience with dogs, she called upon the help of a passerby, Battura, who claimed to be a dog lover, and we asked him to stay to monitor the situation.

From the description of the symptoms, it was clear the dog was in a state of shock either from dehydration or heat exhaustion given the sweltering heat. That dog needed immediate help and fast ... but being a public holiday, all vets were closed and even the 24 hour vets weren't answering our calls. Transport resources were not available either, and it was after about 45 minutes of frantic calling that we managed to make arrangements.

Beano getting towelled down with ice water

As we made our way down, we called Battura who unfortuantely felt fit to call the local pound, who arrived on the scene. Knowing full well what the outcome will be, we checked with the officer who gave a very pessimisstic assessment of the dog ... so we asked Battura not to hand over the dog as we were on the way to provide medical aid.

His next reply stunned us all as he retorted that he felt offended that we had wasted 45 minutes of his precious time and was determined to give him up. What a stupid pompous arrogant fool of an ego maniac, knowing full well he was handing the dog a death sentence ! It will serve him a lesson if in future any of his loved ones were in that dire situation !

Beano getting an emergency subcutaneous drip

Fighting against time, we had to scramble again to stay the grim reaper's hand, and was fortunte to reach the supervisor who agreed to detour the van and hand the dog to us. When we received the dog, he was clearly in a lot of distress. His chest was heaving like a ship in a storm and he was panting like a runaway train. His eyes was glazed over and he was not cognitive and did not respond to motor stimulus, all classic signs of dehydration or heat stroke. Frankly we were not sure if he would last very long

Beano resting in the 'vet mobile'

We immediately ice towelled him down and raced him in our car turned 'vet mobile' to a volunteer's
place where he was given a subcutaneous drip of Hartman's solution. With the constant hydration, his breathing slowed a little and he seemed a little less distressed. Externally there didn't seem to be any wounds or injuries but he groaned audibly when we moved him and in the space of that time, he had also thrown up twice, which led us to believe he had some internal injuries

After stabilizing him, he recuperated at our Adoption & Rescue Centre for the night and was given another drip at midnight and the company of our caretaker who stood watch over him into the wee hours of the night. To cap off the day's drama, we named him Beano for his cute bulbous nose

The Day After
Morning saw Beano drinking and peeing on his own and standing with some help which was encouraging. At the vet, a battery of tests and xrays were done on him and as suspected but unexpected, xrays showed at least 6 fractured ribs, spondylosis (spinal arthiritis) and bone fragments in the stomach ...

Recuperating at the ARC

The severity of his injuries hit home and we can only imagine how much pain he was enduring, no wonder he could not even stand and his breathing was so laboured. He must have been hit by a vehicle and through sheer will power was trying to make his way home through the park before collasping. It was a miracle the fractured ribs did not pierce his lungs or cause organ damage

After a day of drip at the vet, and with his body wrapped in a bandage brace, Beano was back at the ARC, but he would not eat nor urine, and he was not responsive to any human stimulus, it was as if he was depressed and life seem to be draining from him


More drama was to follow as we received a call in response to our procedurial ad in the papers. The man claimed to be the owner wanting his dog back. He said he normally unleased his dogs in the park, but Beano being old and slow, would always languish behind and they would walk ahead and then wait for Beano to catch up. He also said the local pound would usually call him to claim his dogs after they got lost ...

He probably did not understand the severity of the situation and fell silent when we explained how close Beano came to death. To verify his claims, we brought him down to see Beano and it was immediately obvious he was the owner. Tail wagging furiously, eyes lighted up, Beano even tried to stand, it was as if the spark of life was reignited

Body bandage to help set the ribs

It was also obvious the owner loved his dog but in such a misguided way that it was a bitter sweet irony. If ever there was a need to prove a dog's unconditional love for his master, this scene was the epitomy of it, that despite how a dog is treated, he loves his master, literally to his dying breath ... And loath as we were to return Beano to him, fearing that he would not be nursed properly or the situation may repeat, our hearts told us Beano belonged to his master, and with that life spark ignited, his recovery will be much faster and better in that place he calls home

Days After
We kept in constant contact with Beano's owner to check on his recovery progress and the owner also had his personal friend, a vet (coincidentally from the same clinic that Beano was admitted to) come to take a look. We have been told that Beano's recovery has indeed acclerated and he is now walking gingerly to pee and is eating and drinking well.


We will be visiting Beano soon to see how he is getting on and to ensure he is getting the necessary follow up treatment for his spondylosis and fractured ribs

With regards to the practical aspects, the owner being a retiree has requested for partial subsidy of the medical bills, and we will be using part of the proceeds that some kind souls have already sent to help defray the cost

If you would like to help Beano and many others under our care, do contact us at info@asdsingapore.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at 92590698 (pager). Contributions are greatly appreciated to defray the high costs of vet visits, medicine, transport and boarding. Contributions via cheque can be made payable to:

Action For Singapore Dogs Society

and sent to :

ASD c/o Ricky Yeo
Blk 402 #06-246
Clementi Ave 1
Singapore 120402

Please indicated 'for Beano's treatment' behind the cheque together with your email so that we can send a receipt

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Feonix -> WhatAvril

My office comp underwent an entire new facelift... Like real la... It is once again being re-formatted!

Something totally screwed up my configuration settings when I tried to set it to start up in safe mode. (The conventional F8 way simply DIN work lor!) Realised the entire system was just 一团糟.

All these started with the previous worm attacked. Subjecting the entire comp through all possible anti-virus scans proved ineffective. Somehow some configurations were either deleted or corrupted. A hung up computer every morning due to some AVG problem with Maya was the first BLAH. Failure to reboot into safe mode via F8 was the second BLAH. Failure to run msconfig via OS was the last straw.

Heck all the irritating problem rectification processes which don't work. I deployed the last ultimate resort of re-formating in hope that this problem din span out from a Hardware problem instead. Thank goodness, re-formating though takes a while was such a saviour, though I must say that backing up some important stuff was a bit of a hassle. Phew.

"新电脑", 新气象. Computer is now called WhatAvril!

Anyway, something totally off topic. I wonder why all dogs under my care seem to hate baths.



Monday, December 08, 2008


Din have much fortune to enjoy my long weekend. Was so packed with things to do that I had no time to blog, msn or even do my own personal stuff. 忙啊!


Work work work late late late...


Met up with GF in the morn. Went for lessons as usual in the afternoon, then wedding dinner of a relative at night.


Stay-home day dog sitting. Brought Daz to the groomer's to have his ears cleaned. Seems like he is really having some infection there. Had guests in the afternoon along with a mahjong session.
Not to mention that Sunday is dog bath day as well. Daz had his third excruciating bath, to the amusement of my guests.

Friday, December 05, 2008


Why Why Why...

Why must AVG have silly conflicts with Maya? Somehow scanning through the Maya folders will always hang my computer! ROAR!

Blog Feeds

If you had not observed before, some of the blogs on my list simply doesn't update themselves. Usually blogs with feeds will have their blogs pushed up my blogs read list. I wonder why some feeds just cant be detected. Are there any settings that can be set?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

The monotony of Life

I guess it must be the arian in me that's banging its head at the inertia of having to wake up, go to work, back home, head out day in day out.

This endless routine is taking a toll on the aries's quest for changes to her life. The word "sian" is being uttered countless times in recent months. URGH!

It seems like a lot of things had been going on for me in other's perspective. Yet I can still complain of boredom lor. There must be something much more in life!

This kicks start a comtemplation for a new job environment. Should I? Should I not?

活的像是 一句标语压韵而服从

Monday, December 01, 2008

The 2 "Monsters" @ home

Resident Dog


  1. Marukan Strips
  2. Praises
  3. TLC
  4. His girlfriends (Happy & bobo)


  1. Disharmony in the family (Barks if anyone starts a quarrel)
  2. Bathing
  3. Medication
  4. Brushing teeth

Terrified of:

  1. Falling fences
  2. Nail cutting
  3. Thunder (barks back)
  4. Visiting the vet

Boarding Resident


  1. Food (Any food!)
  2. TLC
  3. Attention
  4. Sleeping on laps

  1. Ear Digging
  2. Bathing
  3. Hair Dryer

Terrified of:

  1. 天不怕, 地不怕..

1 + 1 = Havoc

Sleep Bug

Been plagued by the sleep bug always especially after lunch. Really no mood to do real constructive stuff.
Had intend to grab Mayday's tickets at NTU since I work here. Not surprising the queue for 12noon started at 930am already. Blah. Missed this round of ticket exchange.

I want their TIX!!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008


A result of self-obsession.. :P

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Eekz... Need crash course on how to draw cartoons again! Man... I wish I had more talent in this area! =P

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

How can you not love their lyrics!

So full of inspiration and vitality. Ah Shin's such a talented song writer! His usage of interesting phrases and portrayal of things is just so intriguing. How can one just write things like that?
Album after album, I saw their growth and improvement!

I'm so so so fascinated or maybe my Chinese just sucks so much that his lyrics just seem so profound and yet amazing to me.

突然好想你 MV
A closure to a past love... Very nice and touching...

Some of the many 经典 lyrics:

"连刷牙 也照著节奏"

"活的像是 一句标语压韵而服从"



"心上一字敢 面對我的夢 甘願來作憨人"

"黑暗中期待光线, 生命有一种绝对"


"那年冬天 子彈 它給了你自由" - Talks about John lennon being set free from this world with a bullet.

"我 走過動盪日子 追過夢的放肆 穿過多少生死"

"十字軍從 東方凱旋 獻上最美 的詩篇 你的魔法 愛情的霸權 為你臣服 為你捍衛 為了徹底 描寫你的美 壯烈犧牲 一萬朵玫瑰 再用虔誠 細細的提煉 讓愛情海 吻在你耳背"

"深深愛上一種 奉獻的哲學"

"馬蹄踏平了國界 野心磨破了披肩  動員了麻瓜魔戒尋找拼湊你的香味"


Monday, November 24, 2008

Cai and Daz

Some random pictures taken on my handphone of Daz and Cai-ster.

Daz at Dr Kenneth Tong's for his 2nd Vaccination.

Auntie Ong carrying Daz. He seems to know what's coming.

Back at home

Nap time.... zzzz....

Cai's walk in the morn. The cocking of his head is always so cute to me. =D

A very satisfied imp after his full fletch dose of exercise!

Always waiting patiently at coffee shops cos he knows he will get food from his pampering owner.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Redundant Thinking

I am amazed at how I can over-think certain matters.

For example, I was just helping my brother fill some survey questions. One of them goes like this:

In a lake, there is a patch of lily pads. Every day, the patch doubles in size. If it takes 48 days for the patch to cover the entire lake, how long would it take for the patch to cover half of the lake IN DAYS?

My mind started kicking in with all my formulation and analytical thinking. I started listing out a list like this assuming size of patch starts with 1:

Day (Size of patch)
1 (1)
2 (2)
3 (4)
4 (8)
5 (16)
. .
. .
. .
48 ? Formula

And I tot I was so darn smart to remember that questions like this usually requires a formula associated with power. Henceforth, I came up with the formula (which I later double checked was correct): 2(n-1) , n being the number of days.

On day 48, size of patch would be 2(48-1) = 2(47) , then half the size would be 2(47) /2 = 2(47-1)
Hence it would take 47 days for the lake to be half covered.

No wonder they say a woman's mind is complicated. I really need to give myself a knock on the head!
The answer was just waving into my face and I went a whole round of thinking just to get a logical answer. They have already clearly specified that the patch doubles with each day. Since it filled up the lake on the 48th day, then it is simply half filled just a day earlier!

STUPID AVRIL!!!!! Think so much for what!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Daz Daz

The other day me and HL went to Hagen's salon to have our hairs done. As you can see, mine's kena cut even shorter again lor! Aiz, dunno how long I have to wait till my hair grow again.
But anyway, the main point is that I brought baby Daz along to see his dad. This imp gave quite a bit of trouble (pee, shit, then pee, shit again) to PS who went down especially to see him.

Loves comfort over shoulders

Sleeps like a pig at the most unpredictable times

The blue eyes that most puppies have! I miss my cai cai's blue eyes when he was a baby too!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Guess the flu bug has been pretty much rampant recently. Everyone around me is catching it. I had tot I was very lucky to give it a miss till I woke up yesterday morn with a slight sore throat.
Now it is full blown sore throat and non stop sneezing! Faintz.

Am still lazy to post up daz pictures. Will need more time to get into the act.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Taking care of puppies are quite tiring neh. This baby daz woke me up at least 2 times in the nite these days. I think I am trained enough now for future baby caring.

Will try to get recent pictures uploaded soon if I have the energy.

He is still diarrhea-ing though the traces of blood is decreasing. My cute mom is monitoring it well.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Daz the Dog

He is so cute la! 2 months old puppy only. You will melt just seeing him.
And its so funny that he is of the same size as ah eng!

Will wait for better pictures next time. TS, PS and me just couldn't wait but use our hp first.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Audacity of Hope

2:41 pm lazing in the comfort of Pacific Coffee Company. I started on Barack Obama's "The Audacity of Hope".

11 pages into the prologue later, I was a sold man(woman). =)

Considering I got the book 3 for 2 from borders, it is another one of my great buys right after "Marley and Me".

P.S. Glad that I was able to psycho someone to co-share 3 for 2 with me. Thanks bro! LOL. Do not have the privilege whatever so nowadays to "consume" 3 books within my limited time capacity. I hope whoever received that "Marley and Me" will seek great satisfaction from reading it just like I do.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Been listening to Mayday's previous concert albums the entire afternoon while I work away. Their Final Home collection never fail to impress me always with their really nice arrangements. Still love their live act no matter what. Hurry do more gigs in SG K!!

Trying to see if I have the time to imeem their Final Home on my playlist. =P

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Welcome back

This Ah Tan's flight turned out earlier 20mins than expected. It was a good thing that we arrived earlier too. Pamela was there darn early though, must give her loads of credit for being so patient.

As usual, this man is forever hungry. We ended up watching him as he wolfed down his food and talked non-stop about his Taiwan experience. Very "big" leh this man, need 10 people to accompany him eat alone.

Yeah, you din see wrong, we were back with Hagen as his luggage. (Pamela! Why do you hide behind!??)

Met up cute Evonne 妹妹

TaDa! Must introduce the cap that Evonne made for me first. So nice right!!! And its in my favourite pink colour! Muackz!

Cannot wait to just show it off on my head. =P

With the creative Evonne!

One more!
Was really hungry that day. So I forced Evonne gal to eat with me at the Cafe. Had noodles, chee cheong fun, fried dumplings, har gao and my favourite yuan yang drink. The yuan yang (mixture of coffee and tea) gave my lactose-intolerant tummy a huge LS time later in the day of cos! Bleh....

Martin's Farewell 29 Oct

The man of the day! Loves to crap alot and very much interested in our Chinese culture. Dun play play hor, this guy knows Mahjong and watches 西游记(The China version).

What's more than taking pictures on a day like this? And of cos a whole 2 hour lunch spent at Jurong Point! =P

Lunch buffet at Kushinbo was fantastic! Want to go there again!

Me with Martin!

Later the evening at his farewell Karaoke.

This German used to be so put off singing into the mic. Well, we won somehow with our enthusiasms.

The most enthusiastic bunch!

Farewell card! So Nice!!!

The last lunch on 30th Oct. He sure miss us enough to keep taking our pictures.

Tata my friend. Do take care in Germany and visit us anytime! We will sure miss your cold and lame jokes!

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