Friday, October 31, 2008

From the other side of the panel

I have always been at the receiving end of being interviewed (Not that I had many chances at that la), hence today was a refreshing swap getting to play the Interviewer.

Imagine that menace looking, stern and oppressing person who keeps shooting difficult questions at you. Not giving you any feedback or acknowledgment whatever so. Too bad I am not cut out to be a devil's advocate. My boss had the honor to portray that (He is still very nice) while I am the angel.

I kinda feel bad for the interviewee cos she was so so so nervous. I wonder if I ever gave my interviewers such nervous vibes before. I wonder if I stammer like she did too... hm....

Nevertheless, it was really fun to be looking from the other side of the looking glass (wah I think I machiam alice in the wonderland). It was also fun to be the asker(nope, this word is not in your dictionary except mine) than to be asked.


Aiya my cute Ang Mo colleague who is so pro-chinese culture is leaving coming Saturday.
One less person to bully!!!

Come to think about it, he is one of the ang mos that I was closer to cos he is also a crappy person like me! muahahahaha

Haiz. Will miss him neh.

Farewell pictures to be up soon...!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Love and Marriage

I was totally hooked to this korean drama!
Used my entire weekend to finish it.

I am so super 花痴over Kim Ji-hoon (金志勋) la!!! I tell you he isn't the best looking guy on print but his smile is just mesmerising lor.....! He is so darn super 耐看. Guys must all learn to smile like him... Of cos the female lead 金敏熙 is also quite charming in the series. Both make a good match. hahahaha... Such eye candies....

Dun ask me why but this smile just sits so well with me!

Monday, October 27, 2008



I've gotten Mayday's latest album before they are released locally tomorrow!

Okay la... I better own up that it is an imported Taiwan version.... =P
But being a fanatic fan of theirs, any copy is treasure to me!

So tomorrow it is back to the stores to get the Singapore version! Wonder how much different will they be. Taiwan's copy comes with the CD, extra MVs and videos and a super cute mayday calendar!

Anyway, bad quality pictures taken by my handphone camera.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Backyard Bistro

Helping my cousin promote his new bistro place!
11 Mackenzie Road located behind G4 station.

Haven't been there yet. Will do so soon! =)

Friends of 2 Decades

A small gathering with my primary school mates at Christine's Condo @ One Fort. I have been the most passive one who is always so lazy to meet up. =P Well, it still feels great that after so long, our friendship is still going strong.

Resourceful Xu Ying found a very good food caterer that makes delicious authentic Chuan Cai!
SO SO GOOD! I am totally in love with 香辣扯面and 水煮鱼!

Friday, October 24, 2008

HuiLing's Birthday!

We had a simple celebration for the new 27 year old at Astons Specialities. Food was pretty okay considering the price they charged us.

After dinner, we actually loitered around the ground level for a full 1 hour..... Taking pictures!!!
Our dear evonne coincidentally was at the area but she din come forward! Haiyo... So near yet so far....

Angeline thought of making us pose Hagen's name.... Erm... effect not very clear hahahaha
5 gals minus Tian Sheng, Derrick and Francis attempting our very best.

And the ANTM fever kinda went on from that.... Francis and Angeline started making us pose individually.

I know..... My poses darn stupid! lol Cos I was more 搞怪 than seriously posing
Will wait for more pictures from HL or Angeline for the entire group that day! =)

Monday, October 20, 2008



This was the few sentences that made me wanna try eating less meat ever since. (though I haven been exactly successful la..... SEAFOOD is my 致命伤)

They have been our food for so many years

All the deep traumas and resentments as big as the seas can never be compensated

We all know of their sufferings and the massacre done to them

Yet we continue to hear sounds of massive killings into the nights.

My words cannot express the real depth of the actual meaning. But the impact I had when I took time to actually read it was pretty hard. I look at my dog and wondered how many of his kind or other animals have suffered in order to satisfy our taste buds.

Cant totally avoid eating meat myself. So I will appreciate every meat that has been killed for me.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bouts of illness

Been ill these past 2 days. Think I must have been eating too much and it's causing me indigestion.

Was the first time after so many years that I puked. I hate that vomitty feel..... yet hungry at the same time la. Why am I the most 馋嘴 though I'm ill. Can see cannot eat is one of the worst feeling in the world...

My lazy co-worker EXPOSED

I tell you hor. I cannot take it anymore!

I must expose my horribly lazy colleague!

Dunno why everyone can stand him and even to the extend of loving him lor! That's including me! I dun believe it. He must have given us some potion to make us like him.

My boss just loves him la. He has made our office his home, that's why boss thinks he's working all the time and putting in much more effort than the rest.

BUT BUT BUT! Does boss even know that this lazy bum sleeps literally the entire day lor! He only knows how to sit beside me and dose off. I hate it when I keep thinking that he is monitoring my actions 24/7.


I got all the evidence! See!

He slacks like this every morning when we go to work.

And this is what he does during the entire office hours. Sleep naked somemore! ROAR

When we keep reminding him to at least be courteous enough to wear clothes, he does this.

So off he goes to wear his jacket and return to his official seat.

Still dare to give me the "twist" sign. So buay hiaw bai!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Humans need to learn not to abuse the word "Religion"

Point said. Will leave more thoughts on this when I feel I need to.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

My swee swee wallpaper

The 3D shophouse was done by my colleague. Such nice light rendering right! My ideal house too leh.
Having a nice desktop wallpaper makes one's day. kehehehehe

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Watched the last half of 少年杨家将 on TV recently. Have always love this kinda period dramas. Of cos it helped that there were cute actors and actresses la.

I was thinking if I were to lived in that era, I would probably would want to live like the yangs, to 捐躯/sacrifice for my country. If I were a guy, it would be a glorious thing and an honor to be shedding blood and life to protect my country and loved ones. If I were a girl, I wouldn't mind my husband doing the same. Given a chance I would also fight alongside my counterparts.

Aiya... I'm day dreaming about wanting to be a heroine la.... (since young already wanna be a hero). This kinda 热血澎湃 sentiments and 感动天地 actions how to find in our current times? Be proud if your surname's Yang! Your ancestors are such patriots!

Anyway, one of the songs in the show is really worth introducing. Love the lyrics and some parts of it is just so 心酸...














谁 感慨万千

少年杨家将 - 二十年 (张萌萌)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Issuing wrong fine

Darn fed up for getting a wronged fine ticket and hence I wrote in to complain to HDB.

Waste my time la.... All cos of a cock-eyed parking attendant. Got to scanned the tickets, photoshop to circle the area of conflict and write the letter....



I recently parked at the stated offence venue xxx parking lot xxx.
On my dashboard, I have placed 2 parking tickets to indicate my parking there from 7:30pm to 9:30pm.
However, I was issued a parking fine ticket with an expiry time of 8:30pm.

My offence time stated was 9:32pm.

Under PARKING PLACES (COUPON PARKING) RULES (R3. Cap 214), Rule 13 stated on the HDB website, I have only exceeded my parking time by 2 minutes. I do not understand why I was fined $20 instead of $6.

Parking after the expiry of the parking coupon(s) to meet the prescribed parking charges.

Half-hour or less $6
Exceed half-hour to one hour $10
Exceed one hour $20

Attached is the scanned image of my offence ticket and my 2 parking tickets with reference numbers stated and circled clearly. I have always paid my fines/dues accordingly on time without much hassle. Please look into this matter and revert back to me with the correct fine amount.

Thank you

Avril Sim


A 2hr Lunch and US elections

Just had a 2 hour plus lunch with my colleagues today..... =P
Went to Jurong Point's Ichiban Sushi restaurant for a lunch feast.
If you are wondering. Yes! we call the shots at work...... Like real!
Am just feeling so full right now. A full tummy is such a 幸福 feeling!

Then the topic of the US elections came up after lunch. I am now so pro-Obama! His vision and ideals are just so refreshing compared to Bush's administration or his opponent's, McCain.

Pardon me for I am ignorant till now. For the first time in US history, a presidential campaign is being funded by the public through internet donations. I think this idea totally rocks. What a clever Obama! No hidden forces behind that huge funds influencing your course of actions.
His other vision of seeking alternative fuel/energy resources and channeling more fundings into research in this area sits so well with me. No more war for oil can! Wanting to reduce the lower income taxes scored many points with me again.

Really hope the Democrats win this time. I am missing the old Clinton era where economies boomed, financial markets were steady and life was peaceful then. Obama Go!

Am looking at the polling data right now. Obama's definitely looking at a win right now. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Market Maniac

The financial markets' have been a super drama mama. One day up by 500+ points, next day another drop by 700+. It makes you just wanna sideline and not touch it. Such volatility!

A friend who was in the profits of 2k can lose 1.5k the next day. Given the usual trading days then, a 2k profit is always a very safe buffer. Now everything and anything can just happen with dow's movement.

Sometimes you also do wonder if there's a conspiracy going on. With such massive selldowns, there is definitely someone at the other end catching all these trades. Who the hell is so stupid to catch these falling knives?

Most of my friends who trade regularly either gave up or sideline during this trying times. A call from shifu only proved to me that technicals still do work at this point in time. He is still making more wins than losses right now. Technical reading has also helped me escaped the massive dow drop few days back just as everyone thought the bottom has reached and buy in volume regained. Needa continue to brush up my technicals to attain my shifu's standard... years later perhaps?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Word Challenge

Am so darn hooked on this word challenge game over facebook. It's taking up most of my free time at night these days.

A fervent fan right now. Holding second place at the moment behind Aubrey. It's fun la!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Being in a new environment sometimes does trigger loneliness and stress. When that happens, the best is to calm oneself down and take deep breaths. Focus on your goals and channel your energies on what you need to do and not fret over the sudden change.

Got a call from an overseas friend around 3am. Must have been feeling really bad if one were to call at such an hour. Was half asleep while listening to all the woes. Couldn't offer much except to lend a listening ear as best as I could. Wasn't a really long conversation but enough to cause worries. I hope it did help to some extend.

Friday, October 10, 2008


A friend of mine with 2 dogs is urgently looking for a long-term home boarder for her dogs. Don't really know the reason but her parents are throwing them out.

Actually this is something that I cannot understand. I cannot imagine my parents throwing my dog out of the house. I mean over time they have grown to love him. Aren't a dog's love able to touched whoever that keeps it? Am so thankful that cai managed to win the hearts of the entire family. Even if my parents threaten to kick him out, I'm sure my siblings will all have something to say.

Any Reliable Home Boarders for about 1 year or boarding place, please contact me ya.


Had this sudden idea to scan some of my baby and toddler pictures. Digitizing them so that they can be kept forever.

Me and my cousin. Guess which is me??
Can't really see properly. But my point here is, My mom's pretty and slim hor! I heard there were still some suitors after her even when she's married. Unfair la.... How come I dun seem to have her genes. Mom just loves to dress me up. Din remember having such a cute frock before. I certainly din appreciate it that much then.
My long time Joanna Bear. Now kept frozen in cold palace in the cupboards above.
Mom's into costumes too...
阿里山地姑娘美如水呀... All these poses taught by mom one hor...
Me and my cousin's first attempt at the chopsticks. Already acting like a pro! lol.
More hiau poses with mom
K.... the most Classic one......

Coming Right Up.

TADA! Crying Avril! After being slapped for was it misbehaving or not willing to cooperate in posing?
This one is funny!

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Was listening through my list of songs. Stone's (Mayday's guitarist) song to his new born child is so darn 温馨 and touching. When I have my own kids next time, I'll probably wanna sing this song to them. Maybe I shall go test this song out on Cai Cai! He'll probably lick me to death to ask me to stop it. =O

He's not the best singer but the love that is communicated in the song (coming from a father to his child) is just so great and beautiful...

Highlighted the favourite parts of the song.

呀 咿呀呀 咿呀呀
寶貝說的話 咿呀呀
不要擔心 你很快就長大
很快你就會叫 媽媽

相信有一天 你也會大聲唱

你會有煩惱 也會有悲傷
有我在這裡 別怕

呀 咿呀呀 咿呀呀
寶貝說的話 咿呀呀
我會擔心 你很快就長大
很快就不會找 爸爸


你會有煩惱 也會有悲傷
有我在這裡 別怕
有我在這裡 別怕

Yi Ya Ya 咿呀呀 - Yi Ya Ya EP

I miss my metal bite

Went to Q&M to let Dr Zul take out my braces. By usual standards, I should be feeling excited, but I actually felt nostalgic! I'm even think I look cuter (not that I'm cute la k) with my braces lor. Now that they are "painfully" taken away from me, it's like taking a part of me away.

I wanted to opt for plastic retainers but Zul said metal ones are better for me. And the metal ones cost me $400 lor! I tot plastic ones should be expensive la, how come metal ones still needa pay extra $$? Ugly and expensive. The price for a nice set of teeth. ROAR.

How?? I love my "ti geh" leh...


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

For Hagen's Fans (Taiwan Flight Details)

There's a slight change to the timing. Awaiting Confirmation

If you wanna catch him at the airport, here goes:

Singapore(SIN - Changi Intl Terminal 3) on Fri, 10 Oct 2008,
Time: 12:30pm
Flight: SQ878

Monday, October 06, 2008

A worrisome dog mom

Din really sleep the whole night. Was up constantly to check on my boy. He came to me around 1am in the morn with his panic strickened wide eyes, trying very hard to swallow in breaths.

My heart just sank remembering that 1 full month bout of flu he experienced. He had such difficulty in breathing that I got into a panic mode myself. Realised that his tummy was really bloated and all the bad thoughts just flooded my mind. I recalled having read about canine bloats which causes fatalities in bigger breeds and I wondered if cai cai was experiencing it. Everytime he gased, he will frantically get up from his restless sleep and ran away, each time not forgetting to swallow really hard as if trying to get air.

The second attack lasted pretty long and that really got me worried. Was constantly waking up at every little pin drop in case that boy continues with his gasps and contemplating whether to rush him down to Mount Pleasant.

Was already ready to rush him to the hospital in the morning he woke up but all the night's symptoms seemed to have vanished. With a heavy heart, I left for work and I'm now counting the hours left before I can leave to dash back home to check on him again.


My really cute colleague did this for me.

So unglam pose taken on 2 Oct on our dear Peilin's birthday. Supposed to be a really ugly shot theme why the rest all so cute and I turn out 没形象??!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

So Beautiful - Our Homeland (F1 Pictures)

Am not a super fan of racing henceforth there wasn't much enthusiam arising from the recent first Asian nite race in Singapore.

However, I must say that I got pretty excited when I watch the racers on tv. So zai..!
Check out our beautiful homeland pictures by clicking on the image below. Some really cool F1 pictures too.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

My Love Buys

Toshiba Protege M800

Finished in a glossy pearl casing.

The princess in me definitely went for the Candy Pink one! Swee.... My chio chio Princess P that I got at a super value for money price! She has just recovered from her recent worm and viruses attacks. ~2k in total for the following specs:
  1. Intel Core 2 Duo (T9400 - 2.53GHz, 6MB L2 Cache, 1066MHz FSB)
  2. Intel GM45 Express
  3. 4GB DDR2-800 RAM
  4. 320GB SATA HDD
  5. 13.3" Clear Super View WXGA TFT (1280 x 800 pixel)
  6. Intel GMA X4500HD (max. 384MB shared)
  7. 10/100/1000 Mbps LAN, Intel Integrated Wireless (802.11a/g/n)
  8. DVD-Super Multi DL+/-R
  9. 3 x USB 2.0, Express Card Slot, IEEE 1394, Integrated V.92 Modem, VGA Port, Finger Print Sensor, BlueTooth 2.1+EDR, RJ45 port, Integrated 1.3 Mega Pixel Camera, Integrated Microphone, External Mic-in, Headphone out
  10. Intel High Definition Audio
  11. Windows Vista Business (Windows XP Professional Media Included)
  12. Adobe Creative Suite 3 Web Premium, Microsoft Office 2007 Standard, Norman Security Suite 7 ~ Cost SGD700+
  13. Touchpad, USB Optical Mouse
  14. 3-years on-campus and 3-year int'l warranty (including parts and labour - carry-in only)
    Weight & Battery
  15. 1.9 kg (with 6-cell battery and integrated optical drive, up to 4hrs battery - depending on usage)

Very Wu Hua right!!!!! =D

Samsung i780 Handphone

My old phone Sony Ericsson W850i was dued for a 21mth handset upgrade. Was initially considering a switch to Nokia E71 or E66 but was darn suay la. Went to the Singtel shop and found that their prices suddenly jerked up. Ended up I was persuaded to switch target to the Samsung one above. The singtel shop quoted me $368 before trade in. But heng I went to check out the singtel online shop price.

@#$#$%@! online going at $198 lor!!! Why such a big discrepancy??? Ended up, I opted to purchase online and I paid $98 in total after trade in. Swee!

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