Friday, October 31, 2008

From the other side of the panel

I have always been at the receiving end of being interviewed (Not that I had many chances at that la), hence today was a refreshing swap getting to play the Interviewer.

Imagine that menace looking, stern and oppressing person who keeps shooting difficult questions at you. Not giving you any feedback or acknowledgment whatever so. Too bad I am not cut out to be a devil's advocate. My boss had the honor to portray that (He is still very nice) while I am the angel.

I kinda feel bad for the interviewee cos she was so so so nervous. I wonder if I ever gave my interviewers such nervous vibes before. I wonder if I stammer like she did too... hm....

Nevertheless, it was really fun to be looking from the other side of the looking glass (wah I think I machiam alice in the wonderland). It was also fun to be the asker(nope, this word is not in your dictionary except mine) than to be asked.


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