Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Martin's Farewell 29 Oct

The man of the day! Loves to crap alot and very much interested in our Chinese culture. Dun play play hor, this guy knows Mahjong and watches 西游记(The China version).

What's more than taking pictures on a day like this? And of cos a whole 2 hour lunch spent at Jurong Point! =P

Lunch buffet at Kushinbo was fantastic! Want to go there again!

Me with Martin!

Later the evening at his farewell Karaoke.

This German used to be so put off singing into the mic. Well, we won somehow with our enthusiasms.

The most enthusiastic bunch!

Farewell card! So Nice!!!

The last lunch on 30th Oct. He sure miss us enough to keep taking our pictures.

Tata my friend. Do take care in Germany and visit us anytime! We will sure miss your cold and lame jokes!


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