Thursday, December 11, 2008

Amidst recent happenings around me, I am quoting what some people have been saying to me be it their own situation or from their experiences:

"I am just so turned off seeing self-pity peeps who also tries to make others feel guilty. Attention seeking?"
My response: I shrugged.

A complaint by a friend: "If she can blame another for a situation that she herself has also failed to deliver, Can I also blame her too for not informing me? What a selfish person."
My response: But you are different cos you are cool about things.

"In the same situation, I would probably questioned why it happened and not start a blame game"
My response: It is easier to blame others first isn't it.

"People who choose to self-pity and not look at the real situation aren't meant to live life happily"
My response: How to live happy?

"Interpretation is a choice. Situations can be interpreted extremely or viewed in a different light. There are people who are just skewed in their own world"
My response: It depends on how you want to live your life. You either 觉得全世界负你, or you choose to understand. Being too wrap up in one's emotions only sees things one sided.

"Extremist who indulge only in their own world will never realize that being put in a similar situation, they perhaps will act the same if not more extreme"
My response: Of cos

An old friend of mine who used to be terribly emotional learned to be more cool about things that are beyond her control. She can't choose how people feel towards her or treat her, so rather than being her old lamenting self, thinking that she's always the one being victimized, she chooses now to reflect internally and wonder why some things just happen. She may not agree with the other party's actions but being able to put herself in that person's shoes, she also realized that she could possibly acted similarly. So to be happy is her goal daily now.

I do wonder at times how many times people whom I 在意,are actually enjoying themselves without me. But seriously, I don't harp on that too long. The more important thing for me is that when I am with them, do I bring more laughter or loathsomeness.

Just like during a recording matter previously, I was only asked to sing the harmony parts from a group of us. The parts I was requested to do were really minimal to the max. Given the old me, I would have been so affected as I will compare and wonder why. Thankfully, I din indulge or harp on that nowadays. I accepted that I wasn't needed for the solo parts, neither did I allow myself to feel ostracized. The group is happy and so am I. Maybe being able to let go of things helped in improving relationships later on.

WhatAvril it is, life is much more than self indulgence. See Story Below!


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